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News & Updates for July-December 2003

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2005-2006 | Jul-Dec 2004 | Jan-Jun 2004 | Jul-Dec 2003 | Jan-Jun 2003 | 2002 News

Through 12/26

Though 12/24

  • Gasp!!!!  Movie out.  Since I didn't see it in advance, have been scrambling since the opening to get the new skeleton laid out.
    • Arwen's dresses relabeled, more separate pages
    • Eowyn's outfits named, pages created, summaries and links.  She has  more changes than Arwen in this movie.
    • Faramir broken out a bit, sections added.
    • Actually added many more bits and descriptions... just about all but hobbit guys have some notes.  Started, but mostly empty.
  • New text for the hobbit ladies, broke out Rosie finally.  Sorry no pictures there.
  • Links all over the place.


Through 12/12

  • NY Post Photo shoot needs you in costume! New York City, 5 Penn
    Plaza , 34th St. (34th & 8th Ave) at Tir na Nog, Bar and Grill.  2PM.This Saturday.  Check gather archives for more info.

Though 12/11

  • Arwen's Requiem Cloak Broach detail, thanks to Meguet
  • Art detail on Arwen's Green Ceremonial Gown, thanks to Liz Glitz
  • Update for the W&W stuff in Aragorn and Legolas, thanks to Judy and Sophie
  • Scrapbook updates, lots of corrections in the latest elves, humans, nasties and more pictures added so have fun re-browsing the sections.  Elves 11, cloaks, Middle earth group 2,

Through 12/1

    • Please change your setting to digest (and read them later) or turn to special announcements.  We do research... so, whatever shows up out there, is fair game for research w/ no spoiler announcements.
    • If you see the movie at one of the previews, and want to help prep the board for the info release, please write me and we'll work in a separate yahoo group.
  • Added the Barbie and Ken ceremonial pictures.  Thanks to Fatimah
  • Added pics from Legolas standee throughout the Legolas pages.  Thanks to Dan G.  Also fixed misc info.
  • Adding lots of the new photos, especially Eowyn's new dresses

Though 11/25

  • Added Yukailin's report from the opening of the Neiman Marcus display, with many pictures.
  • Added JB and Xander's museum report.  Includes sketches.  The pictures have also been added throughout the character section.
  • More detailing added in Gondorian Rangers.   Nothing new, so much as resorted in the character section.... and a bit of photo chop up work... now that I know what I'm doing with the photos.  (Seriously, we had the master photo the whole time... it was just w/ Rohan instead)
  • Added the leaf version of the white tree of Gondor.  Thanks to Sophie.
  • Legolas fix up.  Have fixed up the descriptions.  Includes information from the Weapons and Warfare book.  Kit and Armor.
    • Finally have the new pattern artwork for the front of the tunic.  Thanks to Sophie for the htrml and art
  • Sketches of Eowyn's jewelry, fabric pattern in Traveling coat, funeral and Green gown. Thanks to Idril.
  • Added preliminary info on Eowyn's new dress - first seen in the official web site's interview... expect many updates and changes, including on the name
  • Added Sam's kit pictures from the London Exhibit
  • Added some more pics for Strider from the London Exhibit.  Section is still a mess, better to come back in a few weeks..  We're working on text and links
  • Added Theoden Armor pictures, from London
  • 2nd age Gondorian soldier: Corrected labeling and matched pictures with exhibit description
  • Added info section for the new display at Neiman Marcus in Los Angeles.  Info and pictures will pop up as I get them so check back often

.Through 11/20

  • Update Merry's armor description
  • New picture for Arwen's Blood Red by Liz - sleeve caps are gone
  • Added Pla's pics of ear molds to give folks a better idea of what the final shape looks like.
  • More additions for ways to make a fellowship pin without breaking the bank.
  • Scrapbook Structure updates:
    • Totally reworded the navigation structure.  Sorry, but there will be one more click in there.  It gets rid of the very hairy massive menu.  Please let me know if there are any problems.
  • Scrapbook - Halloween Updates
  • Lots of link updates, and many more to go.

Through 10/25

Through 10/13

Through 9 /29

Through 9/15

Through 8/24

Through 8/11

  • Added this weeks discussion on wig modification and a  more wig tips in wigs.  Includes some basic steps in wig modification.
  • Basic write up of how Galadriel's hair is styled, still need someone who knows more about hair to help with the descriptions and curls.
  • Uruviel description and quick making-of the dress.
  • Making Arwen's Blood Red dress: Added notes from the yahoo list that are corrections and clarification from the yahoo list.
  • Added a page with reminders on pattern sizing.
  • August  update of the pattern suggestions by Judy include a brand new kids pattern section.  In the kid section, they've been broken down by pattern, not by individual characters.  Big cheer for Judy!
  • Added Comic Con pics and reports to the scrapbook... will continue to add picture links over the next couple of weeks
    • More reports from Yahoo in the individual sections.
  • Added official Toy Biz picture links - scattered w/ the action figures
  • More picture links scattered all over.  Most were merchandise links from Comic Con photos.  Others links are from a few of the new pics coming out.
  • Many, many updates to the scrapbook section.  Check out new stuff in bother elf 7 and 8, humans, hobbits, banners, cloaks, fellowship, nasties,   So, just about everthing has been added to.
    • Also, folks sent in a lot of updated URL for outfits already out there.  Remember if you change yours, let me know of the change and what page you're on
  • Lots of misc web cleanup, more indexes,.

Through 7/19

Though 7/8

Misc cleanup all over... have added lots of little messages from the list to the various tips areas.  It's a bit to hard to list all the pieces, so you'll just have to trust me they're there. <G>

Though 7/1

Hey... the web master joined the world and read Harry Potter... but back to updates now... and can we say... a lot.

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