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Lord of the Rings Exhibit News and Information

Here we're going to carry links for all current and future LOTR exhibits... as well as keep a history of spots of where the wonderful costumes and props from the LOTR the movie have been displayed.

If we've missed any exhibits for the Lord of the Rings movies, please let us know at rings@alleycatscratch.com

Master Index

Current & Future LOTR Exhibit List

Other Movie Costume Exhibits - non LOTR


Past Exhibits

Window Displays

  • Wellington, NZ Airport, December 2003
    • Armor display
    • Also expect to see lot of other bits of costumes and props to show up around Wellington
  • Neiman Marcus Store, Beverly Hills - Nov 24, 2003 - Dec 29
    • Store front window displays.
  • Dymocks Book store in Wellington, New Zealand
  • Whitcoulls store in Wellington, New Zealand


Costume Gathers and other big costume get-togethers

1st, always check our Yahoo Gather List's Calendar and the messages.  The most recent info will be there.  Also, for the Los Angeles area, check events on the main web.

Current Gathers


A Few Past Gathers

Check the "It's a Party" section in our scrapbook for pictures.  Also check out the info on these links

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