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Lord of the Rings Community  & Scrapbook     

We're combining two separate sections in here.   

  • First, we're sharing links to the rest of the Tolkien Community.  It's a good starting point to find out more about everything from the elven language to detailed study of the books.

  • Seconds, we've moved our Community Scrapbook here so folks can share what they've made as well as tips and techniques.  (Hey, was getting buried over where it was and we really do want to feature what folks are making)  Check out our work...

The Scrapbook

  • If you haven't yet, consider joining our costuming community discussions on line.  We're over at LOTR_Costume on Yahoo.

    • If the message traffic level is too high for you, change your setting to digest where you get only one mail a day or every 25 posts, which ever comes first.

    • You can also choose to set the messages to "special announcements" only of web read only.

    • You will need to belong to the Yahoo group to read some of our notes.   (Sorry, can't keep up w/ all the detail on the web.  Search 2 months back at least.)


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This page was last updated 04/22/08