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Our resource section is a mix.  It has articles from New Line Cinema's press releases, it has links for finding pictures, it has a few how-to-do research articles as well.  All should be tool that help you either create a costume from the Lord of the Rings universe or to just research for the joy of it.

This web is gathering more articles all the time so  check out this section often.  

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  • Research Links
    • Jump start your research.  We've gathered together links to picture galleries from all around the web.  Come research.  Just be prepared to loose many hours surfing around.
  • Articles on the Web
    • More LOTR articles on costumes and makeup
  • Community Links
    • If you're interested in find out more about the worlds of J. R. Tolkien, including the elvish language, come explore here.

Research assistance:

Other spots:

Check out other spots for more help links...

If you would like to contribute a article, please write us.  It can be LOTRs specific or about recreating costumes.

Never use just one source if you are really trying to get the details right.

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