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Lord of the Rings Costume

Welcome to LOTR Costume.  We hope you enjoy our research project on the Lord of the Rings costumes. 

When we first saw Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, we were amazed by what we saw on the screen.  He and his crew have created one of the most complete screen universes of all times recreating the story of a quest to destroy The One  Ring.  

We're here to study everything about the costumes from fabric to patterns to metalworking. We look at every thing from elvish costume to hobbit costumes.  The LOTR costumes are just too fantastic not to research!    

Note this is a Costume Research site not a Fan web.  As such we do things a bit differently.  Check our FAQ if you have questions.




Click here for  Costume shortcuts!!!

Latest web updates & news

Check out our preliminary Hobbit Costume descriptions - from the book!

(Other updates coming, just hang on a bit more please.)



Some of our favs pages...

If you've got questions, please check out our new Frequently Asked Questions section.


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Costume Discussion Groups

Lord of the Rings costume

Talk about recreating LOTR Costumes.  Share tips and techniques.

  • Check out the archives for even more info :
  • Our list can get active with no warning, consider joining at the "digest" or "special announcement" level.

Costume Gather

Discuss where to wear costumes and plan upcoming events..


Come discussion Sci-Fi Costuming, Fantasy Costuming, Movie Costumes

  • Now moved to it's new location as a Yahoo Group

Note: all list are for costume discussion, buying or selling of finished outfits is consider completely off topic..


Check the 3rd DVD in the extended version of FOTR & TTT for great costume breakdowns.

This section is the core of our web research!

  • We're collecting links to LOTR costume pictures.  These are broken out by character and race.
    • Includes all exhibit links and pictures we've been able to find. The most anywhere on the web.
  • We're  still researching... consider all sections a  "works in progress".   further along than others.
  • As we can, we make suggestions for recreating these.  Some even have pattern examples
  • Everyone's Favorite Characters
    • These can be found in Character section... but here's the shortcut to them:
Please excuse the ugliness of some of this web.  We're so content driven that this beastie has gotten too big for it's original tools.  Da webmaster could stop and spend a lot of  research time  making it pretty, or keep on updating and putting in your research.

Researching won. New software coming, really... I promise.... then we can update again, and it will work for all browsers.


Making 'em:

Here to help you on your own research...
  • Costume details from the studio.
  • Where we've found good sets of LOTR costume links.
  • Tools for research including a bibliography of article inks out on the web for more research.
  • Essays on how to research LOTR costumes and how to extend that to other media costumes.
  • Sources, books, armor,  etc.
No Buying or Selling of Finished costumes here!  

We're here to help you make them for yourself.  Authorized prop reproductions <here>.  Licensed costumes <here>. All others are off topic here.

Helps You Making Costumes with Tips and techniques

Buy it!



While we do not make costume to sell, we do have a new section to help your buy the materials and accessories that you need.

Includes makeup, ears, big hairy feet, fabric, shoes and more.



Our Scrapbook
  • Visit our scrapbook to see what people are making.
  • We want to share your costume pictures!  See our scrapbook submission guidelines if you would like to display your outfit.
    • Please send in your costume pictures to the Scrapbook.  (Instruction just above.)  Help keep the Yahoo photo area free for work-in-progress and question.
  • Check out our Line Party pictures as well

Welcome to Tolkien's World

  • Other places to find out more about Lord of the Rings - from Elvish to book discussions.

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This page was last updated 11/24/09

This site has been created by folks studying the costumes from Lord of the Rings movies.  It is not affiliated with Tolkien Enterprises, Tolkien Estate or New Line Cinema.  Material is used under Fair Use guidelines.. Original authors maintain their copyright for all photos, artwork and text.  Additional original material is copyright 2002-2008 by AlleyCatScratch.com.