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King Kong Costume Study

The costumes of King Kong - images of jungle khaki, bias cut gowns, tatters and tears along with lots and lots of fur. We are researching the King Kong movie costumes.

The images and write-ups will help you create your own masterpieces.

Our main discussion forum is F-Costume .  

Right now we just have plans to do detailed coverage of the original 1933 and the 2005 King Kong movie costumes.  Later we will add the other movies. If you have images or research notes to help us, please share.  Write-ups could use help, especially if you're good at tailoring terms.


Construction tips for lots of costumes can be found at Making 'Em.

News Summary

Kong detail / All ACS  costume & exhibit news

bullet5 costumes are on exhibit at FIDM!
bulletAdded sketches and corrected detailed based of the exhibit for for her NY outfits, Beauty Gown, Sunset Tears gown
bullet2005 film - updated with more pics
bulletAnn's Interview coat,
bulletAnn's Fog Outfit: also a making up write up.
bulletPattern recommendations for Ann
bulletKong Costume opens with the 2005 partially documented
bulletLooking for folks to help with descriptions and to help complete the pages.
bulletKong 1933 need descriptions, any volunteers?


Discussion Groups


Come discussion Sci-Fi Costuming, Fantasy Costuming, Movie Costumes including King Kong

Costume Gather

Discuss where to wear costumes and plan upcoming events..

bulletCheck the Calendar and Database sections for on going events.

Note: all lists are for costume discussion, buying or selling of finished outfits is consider completely off topic.

Movies We Cover Here

bulletKing Kong 2005 -detailed
bulletKing Kong 1976 - just started
bulletKing Kong 1933 - needs finishing

More Movie Costume Study

There's more to life than King Kong Costumes.  More costumes to study!

Making 'Em

bulletTips for Kong specific costumes
bullet General costume construction info - hundreds of pages of construction tips here from fitting to dyeing to leather work to make-up

Resources & Links

Section contains links for more Kong Info to further you studies.  More contributions always welcome


History of the King Kong Movies:

Read more about the rich history of the King Kong


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