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King Kong Costume

2005 Movie

Directed by Peter Jackson; Costumes Designed by Terry Ryan

Elegant and slinky bias gowns on lovely ladies, tailored suits and stylish gents mixed with one king of a jungle island in love with a spunky blond. 

This site is here to study the costumes from King Kong 2005.  Also, we're here to help you reproduce the outfits on your own.

 King Kong 1930's costumes by costume designer Terry Ryan

Peter Jackson's King Kong recreates the look of the 1930's from it's elegance to the gritty side of the depression to the fantasy flare of jungle adventurers.

Over 1,500 costumes were constructed for the movie.  Because of the jungle scenes, up to 4 levels of the same costume - from clean to dirty to trashed - were required.  Then of course, these costumes required multiple copies of the same item.  The star needed multiple copies as well as versions were needed for the stunt double and stand-in.  Besides the built costumes, many, many costumes were rented. The demands of the production required using more than just sources in New Zealand.  Costumes were brought in from Australia, London and Los Angeles to help dress the hundreds of extra in vintage style.  

Here is our beginning study on the costumes of King Kong.

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Jack Driscoll

Carl Denham

Sailors of the S. S. Venture

Film Crew and Cast

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King Kong

Pics from press releases, official web releases and trailers.    If you have others, better rez or more, please help us with our research.  Thanks Marie and Kong is King for extra pictures.

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