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Jack Driscol - 2005

This Jack Driscol is the reluctant hero.  He's a playwright, not an adventurer.  He bookish, not bold.  Yet, just as he captured Ann with his writing before the two met, he captures her heart aboard ship... only to loose it to a larger rival - King Kong.

For costumers, Jack is the exact opposite of Ann.  Since he was tricked onboard the S. S. Venture, he has only his one suit to wear for most of the movie.  However, it is spiced up and down by wearing all the layers or going completely down to the skin. 

The only mystery is his wonderfully tailored overcoat.  He wears it first night in the jungle in search of Ann.  It vanishes come day, yet reappears perfectly fresh in New York for the Finale.

Jack's Costume Index

One Suit

How do you create the look of a hero on a jungle island when you only have one suit?







Aboard the S.S. Venture

What do you wear to write in a monkey cage?

Island Adventurer

What does a writer wear on a jungle island?

Island Rescue - Evening

What does a hero wear to rescue the blond?

Island Rescue - Day

What does a hero wear to fight dinosaurs and rescue his love?


What do you wear to your play about your lost love?

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