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LOTR Costume

Crew of the S. S. Venture

These sailors are working men -- the crew of a tramp steamer. 

They wear basics, sturdy clothing, grey, brown,  kaki or once-black trousers.  All are made of sturdy natural fabrics.

Shirts are practical, long sleeved with button cuff.  The button in front with a full placard and have pointy collars.  Inner layer often include a tank style undershirt  or a thin long sleeve knit shirt.  Sleeves are often rolled or pushed up.  Shirts are worn unbuttoned at the top. Shirts are natural tones, greys, creams, browns, a bit of denim.

Sometimes  a sweater of varying thicknesses can be seen under the coat..  In stormy weather they wear black water resistant slickers.

Clothing is weathered. 

When researching any crewman.  Check the general crew section as well for joint snapshots. 

Crew Index

bulletCaptain Englehorn (*p)
bulletFirst Mate Hayes
bulletLumpy the Cook (*p)
bulletThe rest of the crew
bulletRecreating the look of the crew

We're a bit thin on pictures here.  Help always appreciated

First Mate Hayes

Hayes is a veteran of "the 369th division of the 24th infantry in the American army—one of the first all-black, American units to serve in World War I".

Basic silhouette.  Can see pocket detail Off to find Ann
Crossing the bridge Excellent detail of his shirt and cap

His base outfits is a sturdy long sleeved button front cream shirt with a an long sleeved undershirt.  Trousers look to be brown, but it's hard to tell with the color grading.  He wears a dark-brown(?) cap all of the time.  He wears a thick cable knit sweater during the fog/going aground scene.  Also wears a hip length dark coat when they first head out after Ann.


Young Jimmy is the stowaway with a mysterious past.  He is mentored by the first mate.

Great detailing on shirt and collar. More shirt detailing
In the jungle  

He has one outfit. He dresses a lot like his mentor and hero, First Mate Hayes.   Long sleeve denim front button shirt with a long sleeve ribbed knit shirt under it.  Sturdy trousers.  Color appear to be a medium charcoal.  He wears a black cap most of the time, though swaps it for a black knit cap to sneak in with the crew to rescue Ann. 

The rest of the crew

 Shots of the crew are mostly back shots or slightly blurring.  The details are about the same as the main crew.  Colors vary.  These shots allow you to see their kit.

Facing the wall - some back details of the men    
Dino Print Dino print On the river (deleted scene)

Recreate the look of the Crew

These outfits  are easy no-sew costumes unless you decide to chase down every seam, pocket and row of top stitching.  Your best bet is to visits a thrift store to gather the required layers.  (See the top of the page for the basic descriptions and colors.)

Weather down the shirts and trousers with lots of washing and other stain and weathering techniques.  Dunk them in a strong solution of tea (then rinse) to darken then up.

Don't forget the accessories to give you a complete look.


Continuity issues for researching both the storm and the tree: Reshoots were done.  Not all actors were available on the same days.  Some extra crew will appear in more than one place on the same ship.  So yes, you are seeing double occasionally.  Use the secondary characters just to give you "the style of" the crew.

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