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New York Residents

The New York of of King Kong is beautiful and stylized.  The residents are too. The film plays with colors.  Grey, a bit of blue, a little muted green, black and neutrals.  There are only touches of dark maroon and bits of blue.  Only the bright cabs stand out, not the residents.

This section has only been started.  There are a number of wonderfully dressed extras.


bulletIn the Beginning
bulletThe Finale

In the Beginning

The opening scenes show the common people, the vaudevillians, and the studio executives.  The first two dress casual and in aged clothing.  The studio exces wear famously tailored suits.

A fruit stand.  Ann is the center person.  Note the mix of hats    


bulletPhotos from BtS shots of the New York set may be found at the Kong Is King website


The Finale

New York's finest assemble to see the world premier of Carl's "8th Wonder of the World".  They are dress at the height of fashion in the best that money can buy.  When the action heads out to the streets of New York, we see the more prosperous residents.

Running crowds    
Bob Burns and wife, Kathy,  scream as Kong runs free    


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