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Natives - 2005

The Skull Island Natives presented in the 2005 version of King Kong are frighteningly powerful.  They are a people on the edge of extinction on an island of dwindling resources.  The culture that build the gate is gone leaving just fragments of a native population full of superstition that worship the great Kong.

"To create the frightening, primitive tribe on the Island, 100 actors were transformed into Skull Islanders by donning Weta-designed costumes (constructed from sea shells, feathers, fish and animal bones and human hair), wigs (a portion of which were hand-knotted), makeup, body paint, prosthetic teeth and weapons. While of the same tribe, different looks were created by varying the weapons, wigs and contact lenses. For a handful of actors given featured parts (the feral child, the shaman and the drummers), their longer time on camera meant more work to produce their looks—the actress playing the shaman spent five hours in the chair with three prosthetic and makeup technicians working to transform her into the terrifying crone. Additionally, as the Islanders are first seen during a rainstorm, Weta workers developed a waterproof process for coloring their skin."

from King Kong Production Notes

Native Index

bulletThe Feral Child  (*p)
bulletThe Shaman  (*p)
bulletFirst Contact
bulletThe Drummers
bulletCeremonial Wear
bulletNew York Show (*p)

We're a bit thin on pictures here.  Help always appreciated

First Contact


The Drummers


Ceremonial Wear



  Lightened Ankle band?

Shoes appear to be just a flat sole with no heel.  Leather flaps wrap upwards across the top of the foot.  Coarse string binds the shoe closed. 

Unknown at this time if these are slip on or the rough string winds around the low ankle  and locks in the heel or if skin forms a closed heel.  Assumption, at least cord winds around low ankle.  Though skin would make it more comfortable for the extras.

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