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This is Kong Costume news only, ACS main new for our web & exhibit info is located <here>


Five costumes from the 2005 King Kong are on display at FIDM's the Art of Motion Picture Design.  Here is a quick summary of the costumes there.  Full review of the exhibit <here>

bulletCarl Denham's rumpled island adventurer outfit is there with his hand cranked camera.
bulletJack Driscol is represented with the distressed and bloodied version of the remains of suit he wears from the beginning of the movie though the entire island romp. 
bulletThree outfits represent three very different sides of Ann Darrow. 
bulletThe first is her New York dinner outfit, 3 shades of blue in crepe and knit.  The blouse has details not seen in the movie - delicate buttons down the front and decoratively stitching that might be pin tucks.  (It's great to get as close as a couple of feet to the costumes, but  you always want to get just a couple of inches away. )
bulletFrom the ship, is the beautiful beaded gown from the sunset movie scene.  Small copper beads on neck form a delicate trim on the back as well as the  textured straps.  The gown is so well constructed it's almost impossible to find any of the seams. 
bulletIn the final scenes, Ann is a beauty wearing a bias cut off-white dress.  The surprise is that her dress is a very fine vintage silk velvet.  The sparkly bits are silver hot-fix appliqués in sunburst patterns.
bulletCorrections, sketches and updates of all of Ann's outfits on display.
bulletAdd purse description and sketches
bulletAdded blue slip description.
bulletAdded sketches of the blouse detail, jacket and skirt
bulletAdd a few sketches for the Sunset Tears gown and details on lining, beads and fit.
bulletNew pattern of seam lines in the Beauty Dress & placement of glitter bits.


for the 2005 film

- Ann's Interview Coat.   Added a few more caps.  These are from the Production Diaries. Changed the sleeve description.  It's a one piece sleeve with an insert.  The design is clearer now.

- Ann's Fog Outfit:  More pictures. Uncolorized ones.   Making of write up. It's a draping exercise.  (Yea, I got insane...)

- Added a few pattern recommendations for Ann.  Right now we're just aiming for the look,  close fits are going to take more work.  Please help.

- Also added two more caps from Carl's NYC pinstriped suit coat, uncolorized.


The 1933 pictures are up but without much detail.  Any help on descriptions, patters or proofing welcome.


Welcome to the opening of King Kong Costume.  For a starter only Kong 2005 is setup.  1933 will get a bit of a workup, then I'll be back to working on LOTR for a while.  I have nothing for the 1976 version or any of the Kong sequels or Japanese versions.  Anyone else who loves the hairy monkey and his leading ladies that want to help out... please give a yell. 

A big thanks to Maria and Jack-o for contributing images and links.

The Kong costumes are fun and easy to put together.  Come play.

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