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The Streets of New York

Carl Denham is a film maker.  But, he's also a gambler, a deal maker and more than a little bit of a con man.  He will do anything to get his next film made.  Losing studio funding won't stop him. Loosing his leading lady won't stop him.  His is his own force of nature, and having no more conscious than a natural disaster.

Over the course of a very bad day, Carl wear a high end brown suit and coat.  Different components are worn at different times.

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bulletResearch Pictures
bulletBasic Description

Scene Summaries - Costume item list

Pitching to the studio execs: Carl has his jacket off and his tie loosed.  He's always sweating it.

Stealing the film: he's put on his suit coat, hat and tan overcoat.

Looking for an actress: All the proper business man.  The shirt has been buttoned back up and the tie is straightened. 

Dinner with Ann: Overcoat and and hat are off

To the Ship: Full outfit are back on.

Research Pictures

Pitching the Voyage at the Studio

Pitching the voyage Lightened so you can see the pin stripes.  They're yellow.  About 1 1/2 " apart
First view of the suit, non colorized from the PDs  

Stealing the Film & Looking for an Actress

He tightens his tie back up when he goes looking for his perfect size 4.   Our only back shot for now.  Coat looks much darker on the night shot.
Stealing the film.  Notice the length of his coat Longer shot of them stealing the film Walking down the street with the film.  Though this occurs only moments before the street crossing, note the color change on his coat.

Basic Description

bulletBrown Pinstripe suit, yellow pin stripes about 1 1/2" apart
bulletVest is single button fairly high cut, has 2 pockets
bulletDress shirt - shirt shirt with pale yellow stripping
bulletDark red/maroon tie with gold flecks
bulletTrench coat - light to medium brown
bullet3/4 length
bulletGood quality tailoring and wool
bulletBrown shoes - assuming same scruffy ones he always wears.

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