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Island Adventurer

Carl Denham sees Skull Island as the place to make his most incredible movie yet.  He's done out in Adventurer outfit.  It might be his good luck outfit.  It shows plenty of wear and it's a bit tight for him now.

Island Costume Index

bulletPicture Study
bulletSuit Description

Picture Study

Full length PR shot. 6 buttons on vest.  Looks rumply even before any action.  It's his well worn suit.  
First moment on the island   Note strapping and little buckets on the gaiters.
3 buttons on coat cuff can see inner vest pocket  
Onboard ship, staring at the map.  Can see trouser detail    
Entering the village Note shirt has move of an olive look here, vs. the chocolate.  
Large box pleat in back of the jacket.  Vented in the bottom and looks like some extra detailing   Can see the vent below the belt
High rez of jacket detailing.  Note olive tone on shirt again once this photo was lightened to pull out the night llok. CU staring at the map Good look at the fabric

Outfit Description

Carl's Island Adventure outfits is a 3 piece suit

bulletSuit fabric has texture and the ability to wrinkle... so not sure... hemp?  Linen/wool mix?  Not sure.
bulletThe suit coat is structured, but soft
bulletbottom edge of the coat is very curved
bullet3 button on the cuff as detail
bullettop patch pockets have a center pleat
bulletbottom larger patch pockets look like he's been keeping film canisters or rocks in them for long periods of times
bulletcan tell very little about them, except it matches the jacket
bulletVest buttons high
bulletSlightly darker than the suit
bullet6 buttons
bulletwelt pockets
bulletShirt - chocolate or olive green, probably green
bulletpointed collar, but worn tucked under the vest and open
bulletLace up tan-brown boots with detached (?) buckled gaiters
bulletGaiters are thick stiff leather (someone has seen a lot of snakes)
bulletWoven straw hat
bulletwhite straw
bulletdark brown band

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