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Alley Cat Scratch is expanding into more movie costume documentation.  We love studying the movies and researching the great details from the costume designers.  The images and write-ups will help you create your own masterpieces.

This will be the main entry point to that study.  

Our main forum is F-Costume for Fantasy and Science Fiction Costuming Discussion.  Some movies will have their own forums, please check our Movie Links or that movie's web study section.   


Construction tips for lots of costumes can be found at Making 'Em.  

We have just a few movie studies available now.  Check out our Exhibit Pics for more movie costume pictures while we get organized here.

LOTR Costume

King Kong Costume

More Movie Costume Links

Movie Costume Exhibits

Making Em' - Tips for Costume Construction

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If we've helped you on costume research, please consider a donation to keep us going.  This is an all volunteer study group.

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