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Welcome to the Future Fashion Design Center

We are Information Central for Futuristic Fashion Design Contests, Future Fashion Folios, and everything related to them!!! *              

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Future Fashion design contest and their folios have actively been in existence since the early 1970's. From their Sci-Fi roots they have expanded into the mainstreams of costume design. 

This site will strive to bring together a group of folk that have participated as designers,  directors, artists, copy editors, organizers and judges....  (i.e. everything under the sun related to these contests.)  We're here to share our years of experience and present some tips so you can join in the fun, painlessly.   

bulletGet Fashion Folio News for upcoming contests!
bulletWe're got design samples to give you ideas.
bulletTools to help you design
bulletIntroduction to terms and events.
bulletTips to use this site
bulletWe've even got a set of sample contest rules you can use to create your own contest.


Latest news on Future Fashion Design events

Costume Con 31

Contest submission period is over.  Judging commences.  Yes, there will be another contest next year.

bulletAll the rules are listed <here> . 
bulletDeadline: must arrive by September 1, 2012
bullet The Sponsored Design Themes are :
bulletPioneers – What might future pioneers wear, as they inhabit new worlds, new environments, and evolve new ways of living? Sponsored by Gypsy Ames
bulletCollections – As this is a fashion design contest, we would like to see collections of 5 or more looks. A collection is a group of clothing designs put together to tell a story of the designer’s inspiration. Sponsored by Michael Bruno

See contest rules for examples and more details on categories.

Costume Con is in the middle of the country this year, easy for east or west coast.   Costume Con 31 is in Denver, Colorado.  May 17-20, 2013.


We've updated link information to past Future Fashion Shows.

Future Fashion Contests currently accepting designs...

Costume Con 31 - Deadline: September 1, 2012

bulletContest details here:  http://cc31denver.com/future-fashion/future-fashion-rules/


Get the Announcements!

Join our Yahoo announcement list for news and updates about Future Fashion Design contests and shows.  This covers contests anywhere we find them.

bulletTo get contest announcements...
bullet http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FutureFashionsNews/
bulletYou can also check the message archives for recent announcements.
bulletThis list is announcements only.  It covers contests anywhere in the world. 
bulletTo ask questions and talk about Future Fashion Design...
bulletjoin us over on the F-Costume yahoo group.
bulletPlease submit new contest information to FashionCat@alleycatscratch.com

The Tools

bulletFigures to draw your designs on
bulletExamples to get you started
bulletArtist Showcase
bulletArticles and Tips
bulletRule samples (and why we do it this way)

What is this whole Future Fashion Design thing?

We present a quick summary here.  (All the intro here.)  Click on the heading links of each for more information. 

What is a Future Fashion Contest?

It's a chance for people to put their visions of future clothing fashions onto paper. It's a chance for you to participate in this fun, creative process.

What is a Future Fashion Folio?   

It's the collection of winning designs from a future fashion contest... but it is also a wonderful look at many alternative visions of the future.   Step away from the present, image tomorrow...

What is the Future Fashion Show?

Many times the process doesn't stop with the future folio's publication.  The next step is the Future Fashion Show where some of the designs are brought to life in fabric.

(A step by step introduction of the whole process  <here>.)

To use this site...

bulletMost images are shown on the pages in reduce format, click on them for detailed images.
bulletTo print text... reduce your screen size to a printer's 'page width', the page automatically reformats and will print on a standard printer.

We're putting up articles and examples as we have time.   We're open now to get the figures to folks. We welcome your feedback and help.

Come back and watch us grow!

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* and if you've got something you want to add to our knowledge base, please write us at FashionCat@AlleyCatScratch.com.  

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