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Future Fashion Design Showcase

Here we present a showcase of design examples.  Samples have been picked for a variety of reasons.  Most often these will be some of the artists' favorites.  We hope what we present here will give you inspiration to look around your world and design your futuristic outfits.

To start we will just give pictures and description text.  We hope to add articles about how some of these were designs.  (In other words, eye candy now, details later.)


Note how the lines are kept clean so the drawing are easy to reproduce in the Future Fashion Folio.   Also, in these examples it is fairly easy to determine seam lines so that people may reproduce these outfits.  (Not all seam lines are drawn, but... shapes are recognizable enough to execute.)


These drawings are colorized.  In Future Fashion Folios, this is an extra feature.  Black lines on white paper are the basic submission requirements -- think of an uncolored cell of animation.

Do not worry if your first designs do not look as precise as these.  The artists have been doing this style for a number of year.  Practice will help you improve both your designs and your rendering skills.  Don't be afraid to trace the base figures.

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