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Egyptian Inspired

This set of design examples all were based on a common theme: Egyptian Style.  I select symbols and statues from the Tutankhamun exhibit and then selected a use for the clothing - whether it be club wear or performance dance  and then created these outfits.

-Cat Devereaux-

Click on pictures for a larger picture of the designs.

Retro-Egyptian Club Wear


Party like an Egyptian!  Joining the latest fad.  This girl's clubbing outfit's highlight is a yellow-gold corset with a delicate feather motif.  It is edged with accents of lapis, dark gold and jade.  Her headband follows the same pattern.  The traditional belt has been transformed into a quilted, layered skirt with chevron patterns of turquoise and sky blue.  The skirt rises provocative on the sides. 

The long skirt and blouse look deceptively modest but they are constructed of ultra-shear crystal pleated white silk so she may show her legs to their best advantage. 

Detailed cobra heads decorate her golden sandals and headband.  Her rings are a scarab.  Her necklace pendent a large ankh.

Category: Teen Wear


Dance of the Ancients -  King Tutankhamun’s Spirit


Paying homage to the ancient earth home, the Stellar Travelers' new show begins with the rising of King Tut.  The bare-chested dancer wears a kilt of pale iridescent blue edged in gold with a wide carnelian colored belt with lapis beads.  A gold beaded ankh appliqué dominates the center lapis panel.  The second is coral and the third carnelian colored.  The edges are heavily beaded in a chevron pattern to  keep the kilt in weighed down during his wild dance.  His blue and gold headdress and multi-colored collar are reminiscence of the design’s from the royal coffin.

 His oversized flail and crook is used in his wild “staff” dance when he welcomes the sun.  His anklets are covered in gold hieroglyphics promising life.

Category: Performance dance, couple


Dance of the Ancients – The Goddess Isis


Isis dances King Tutankhamun to life arrayed in living colors. As is often the case, her outfit is less historic designed so to appeal to the audiences.  Skirt and twisted halter top of pale, iridescent green pleated fabric leave her stomach bare.  Her ultra-shear sky blue cape is attached to beaded collar and bracelets edged in gold braid, so she may twirl wildly to summon forth the dead.  The skirt is edged in dark green with gold piping and hieroglyphics.

Her sashes are darker green shot though with gold threads.  Ends are decorated in beads of lapis and carnelian in a chevron pattern.  The eternal life scarab is incorporated into her sashes and jewelry.

 Her simplified headdress is feathered chevrons, golden sun disks and a jeweled cobra.

Category: Performance dance, couple


Novitiate to the Temple of the Vulture Goddess


The new cult of Nekhabet grows in power.  Joining the priesthood takes years of training in ancient ritual. The young girl wears a pleated white dress wrapped high under the bust in the traditional manner. 

Her linen aba is painted in the form of a fledgling vulture.  The small feathers are coral and carnelian.  The secondary feathers are turquoise and the primaries are lapis.  The tail  feathers are variegated blue from turquoise in the center to dark lapis on the edge.

She wear a heavy, beaded necklace of with large weighted mosaic pendants in the eternal lotus pattern.   Her gold headdress features the head of the vulture with ruby eyes. Her ceremonial wig is intricately braided.

Category: Ceremonial/Religious Garb

See additional work by this artist.  

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