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Showcase examples from
F. W. Evans

Also see The Elements

The Twilight Gown


An elegant gown to celebrate the ending of day and the beginning of night. A simple long sleeved under dress of fuchsia crepe backed satin has setting sun appliqués of metallic gold and orange satin at the hem and cuffs.

The under dress is first layered with a floor length robe of a heavy red violet chiffon. Over that robe is layered a short robe of a heavy blue purple chiffon, belted with a setting sun in gold and orange that echoes the appliqués on the under dress.

Over the short robe is a hood of a heavy deep blue chiffon that covers the shoulders and chest and flows down from the back of the head like a veil. The hood and veil are studded with myriads of blue white rhinestones of varying sizes meant to represent stars.

Rhinestones are also scattered through the hair and a few on the upper surfaces of the blue purple robe.


Semi-formal dress for a female vampire


The folded back sleeves become dramatic floor length drapes of shiny back and red satin edged with gold.

Underneath is a dress of dull black crepe with sleeves and a front piece of gold spider lace, small red stones caught at the intersections. A gold headpiece, necklace and belt ornamented with blood red stones completes the outfit. A dramatic and elegant outfit for those who walk the night.

See additional work by this artist in The Elements.  

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