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A bit about us...

We've chosen to create these Future Fashion Folio pages as a guide.  As we've said many times through out, its a way to do it, not the only way.  It has served us well though the years so we wanted to share our knowledge.

We are not affiliate with any of the groups we're talked about here unless specifically noted.  We're just sharing information.

bulletSee all Legal comments <here>.
bulletContact us at fashioncat@AlleyCatScratch.com.

The folks behind the curtain:

bulletCat Devereaux
bulletF. W. Evans


Our figure artists:

bulletKaren Dick
bulletSally Fink
bulletChristine J. Mansfield

Designers involved:


If you would like to participate, contact us.

Main costume groups we talk about:

bulletInternational Costumer's Guild
bulletFind a Costumer's Guild Chapter near you.
bulletCostume-Connections - the history of Costume-Cons
bulletGreat photographical resource.

See legal and copyright info here.

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