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Future Fashion Design Contest Archive

We were keeping separate links to the various contests... but time moves on, technology change.  Some sites have gone down, others have changed their software.... so we've reorganized too...

Looking for pictures of past Future Fashion Shows???

It's now much easier to find pictures of past Costume Con shows due to all the wonderful volunteer work done by ICG members over on Costume Connections.  Pictures have all been organized into galleries.  Just select a CC and then click on Fashion Show. 

Past Contests & Their Rules

Our on-site lists of cons:

Costume Con 26 | Costume Con 25 | Costume Con 23 | Costume Con 22 | Costume Con 21 | Space Dev | IAC Fashion Carnival | Sample Categories

Also  please check out's Visual archive for pictures from past Future Fashion shows  for historic links to various cons and their rules.

When checking out rules... you'll notice that we use basically the same rules every year.  There is no reason to reinvent the rules.  Please feel free to continue the tradition. 


Sample rules <here>


If you're running your own contest... we suggest you start reading at Design Folios for a complete overview... and explanation of why some of the rules exist.

Why aren't there more examples out on the web?

While many items are being posted to the web as archives... you will not find this occurring with fashion folios.  So many artists are evolved that the securing rights grow quite completed. 

If when a folio is published on the web, not all artists will allow their works to be published  Basically, the web makes it a lot easier to rip off designs.  So those who work (or plan to work) professionally in design and art fields as well as those who have had works appropriated, may sometimes chose not to allow web publication.

There are currently no live public links to any of the Folio Books.  We've got just a few samples over in our Showcase.

If you are interesting in a specific show, often past copies of a convention's folio may be purchased directly from the organization that ran the contest.  If you can't find a link to a group here, try Costume-ConNections at to find contact links.

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