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Introduction to Future Design Contests

Futuristic Design Contests have been around in it's current from since the mid/late 1970's.  Bjo Trimble started the Future Fashion Folios with Future Fashion shows during the early Equicons.  The tradition continues annually in at the Costume Cons.  Other conferences and conventions have done these contests intermittently.

The Futuristic Design Contest, as run by the Costume Cons, is a juried competition. These judges, designers and/or costumers in their own right, are usually picked by the person running the Design Contest, the Future Fashion Folio Director.

Designers from all over the world enter their designs. However, in these contests, the designers do not have to be members of the Costume Con, the International Costumer's Guild, or even an active costumer. They just have to be people who would like to try their hand at design. Designers can be of any age or sex. (Children have entered, won categories and had their costumes made up.) This is a great place for students to start showcasing their designs. Oh, and Aliens are welcome too -- just let us know what planet to mail your folio to.

Categories vary from contest to contest because of the kinds of entries received. For some reason, every year one category seems to get a lot of entries and this category varies from year to year. One year during a Star Trek Convention, we got several entries for Ladies of the Evening. The next year, at that same convention, we got a lot of maternity outfits. We always wondered about that particular sequence.  Other contests choose a specific theme to shape the design contest.

Some of our standard categories that repeat year after year are:

bulletchildren & teenagers
bulletsportswear - including sports not yet invented
bulletleisure wear
bulletbusiness wear
bulletuniforms -civilian or military (everyday and dress)
bullethostess wear
bulletformal wear
bulletaccessories - from shoes to jewelry to phones and computers
bulletentertainers - singer, actors, dancers
bulletheavy worlders
bulletethnic outfits
bulletfestival wear
bulletvampires - any era past or present
bulletthe current "hot" science fiction shows on TV
bulletclassic science fiction shows
bulletbooks - either based on the world or a description within.
bulletceremonial and/or religious wear
bulletcourt wear

We get designs for men, women, children, pets, and various kinds of aliens.  Whatever the design, what we are looking for is the design idea, not artistic skill. If you need design figure help, check out our figures outlines <here>.

The aim is for these to be clothes that someone might actually wear. Unless clothing is for a theatrical performer or religious wear, design considering how this person will perform their job wearing their outfit. 

Because this is a Future Fashion contest, not all designs need to be "constructable" in currently existing materials. However, it is fun to create a design that someone will build. Instructions or fabric suggestions can be included.

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