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Fashion Figures to trace

Can't draw figures???  Well, here are some base figures (also know as fashion croquis).  These will help you out so you can just concentrate on designing.  If you look closely at the examples on this site, you will recognize many of these figures. 

You may print these figures out and make copies... but please keep the copyright information with them.

Only one design may be submitted per page in any contest.  Back views may be allowed on the same pages, but always check the rules for the specific contest.


Women's front, fashion figure
Woman's front, fashion figure
Women's back, fashion figure
Women's front, normal figure
Woman's front, normal figure
Woman's back, normal figure
Men's front, fashion figure
Men's front, fashion figure
Men's back, fashion figure
Men's front, normal figure
Girl child front, standard figure
Girl child back, standard figure
Boy child front, standard figure
Boy child back, standard figure

To print a full size figure, click on it and wait for it to download.  These should each print out on a single sheet of paper.  If you start with the first image, you can load each one down in sequence.  Please write if you have any problems printing.

More places out on the web to find figures...

bulletThe Costumer's Manifesto has a whole page of links for rending, more design figures, books and artist supplies.
bulletMore links to more figures
bulletDesign Nexus
bullet Women, men & toddlers, posted, most gridded, most very long legged
bulletHigh School of Fashion Industries
bulletOn left side, women, men, kids
bulletGriddled and with balance line, mix of standard body, plus and stylized
bulletFashion Era:
bullet Basic female, straight front, grid.  Includes extra tips for getting started w/ sketching
bullet woman & man, grid
bulletThreads Magazine:
bullet Family, straight forward, standard proportion, gridded

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