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Introduction to Future Fashion Design Shows

Costume Cons and most other venues that have the folio contest will then have a Future Fashion Design Show to feature constructed designs from the folio book.

Designers always have first rights to pick their own designs.  (Also occasionally, a designer will request that a design not be made up. )  While Designers do not have to be members of Costume Con to enter the design contest, anyone who wants to show a sewn creation MUST be a member.

Not all costumes in the folio can be made up.  Some designs require materials and techniques that will not exist until hundreds of years in the future.  Others are for alien shapes we can't fake!

One of the most amazing things about a design contest is seeing things you 'knew' could not be made up walk, slide or crawl across the stage.  Different costume artists bring their wide collection of skills to bear to present some amazing images of the future.


One of the best places to see designs from the past year is the web site.  Go to the 'time line' section and select a Costume-Con.  Many of the cons have pictures from the Fashion shows. 

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This page last updated 01/18/08