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"Unite the Future" Futurist Fashion Carnival

Contest is over.  Thank you for participating

There is an open call for clothing, jewelry, shoe and accessory designers for a fashion show and charity auction.  They are looking for "mix of cyber-erotica, fetish and biomechanical sci-fi fashion". 

Items will be shown at the high profile Future Fashion Carnival May 17th, 2003 in Los Angeles.  These will then be auctioned off, proceeds to benefit the Institute for Accelerating Change.  Artists will receive receipts for full retail value and acknowledgment. Submissions may be modified from off-the-rack items.

Photos of items (or items) must be submitted by April 25, 2003.  Photos should be under 500k. Contact: 310.398.1934 or fashionshowiac@wickedtalent.netPlease see the complete announcement and details below.

Act quick... this is a very short time line.

Press Release 4/-2-03   -- Immediate release


The Institute for Accelerating Change is hosting a high-profile,
futurist themed, press-packed event on May 17th, 2003 in Los
Angeles. "Unite the Future" is the first public event providing a
forum to discover, celebrate, and understand cryonics,
transhumanism, the singularity, utopian, and increasingly human-
independent computational change. Celebrate free information
exchange, support the cause, express your vision of the future,
share your imagination, and unite with others in a very fun, very
future-friendly atmosphere.

The event's highlight is a "Futurist Fashion Carnival", blending the
best in a stunning mix of cyber-erotica, fetish and biomechanical
sci-fi fashion by top name area designers with the elegance of the
Los Angeles area's most prominent models in a choreographed stage
show. This cyber fashion show includes dancing, DJ's, bands,
entertainment, dancers, bar, and lightshow.  Multimedia events and
the distinctive promotion of a united future of ever-increasing
promise will be featured.

Currently, this event has more than a dozen confirmed journalists
representing press such as Wired, MTV, Time, LA Weekly, Maxim,
Bizarre, LA Times, local news television, and periodicals.

Future-inspired clothing, hairpieces, footwear and jewelry, and
accessories for the show and auction are currently being considered
and accepted. All items will be auctioned following the show. Spaces
are limited and filling fast, so please submit by or before April
25th deadline! Items not selected will be returned pre-paid postage.

The deadline to contact Wicked Talent with submissions is April
25th.  Articles are due by April 31st.
Contact: 310.398.1934 or fashionshowiac@wickedtalent.net

Headlining and producing the fashion show is worldwide fashion model
sensation Donna Ricci ( www.donnaricci.com ), whose work has
previously been featured in magazines, galleries, web sites, comics
and fashion catalogs. Fashions are being showcased on Los Angeles'
premiere models from the legendary Wicked Talent management firm
( www.wickedtalent.net ).

The Institute for Accelerating Change is a California 501(c)3 non-
profit (application pending) established in 2003. IAC is actively
helping people to realize the implications of and to prepare for
accelerating technological change. IAC accomplishes this through
conferences, newsletters, gatherings, reading groups, media
projects, educational programs, and our sense of community. IAC has
adopted this purpose because we believe increasing the overall
understanding of accelerating change improves the quality of choices
individuals make, and, in turn, the quality of choices that we make
as a community. 

Joining with IAC is Foresight Institute, a California 501(c)3 non-
profit organization dedicated to helping the world prepare for
molecular nanotechnology. Foresight Institute will receive a portion
of the proceeds from this event.

General question about this Fashion Folio web, contact Cat at fashioncat@AlleyCatScratch.com

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