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Costume Con 21

Future Fashion Design Contest  and Fashion House Exhibition

The contest is over.  Thank you for participating.  

Please joint our Announcement list for future contests or check it's calendar.

Basically, this is a competition of design. You, the designer, submit drawings of fashions of the future. The entries are judged on design, not the quality of your artwork. You do not need to be a member of Costume Con 21 in order to enter or win. The winning entries are published in the Future Fashion Folio several months before the convention.  Attendees may apply to create any of the costumes in the folio and make them up for the Future Fashion Show.  (The Show Director is Nora Mai.)

Designs can include eveningwear, working clothes, religious costume and vestments, wedding fashions, casual wear or any other category you can think of. Human, alien and pet designs have all appeared in past editions.

Design Framework

Several times in the past the contest has been run under a scenario; a framework within which designers must make their designs fit. The strong suit of a scenario is that it can help focus ideas and give some discipline to the designer. The weakness is that it can limit the imagination of our designers. In conjunction with the Fashion Show director, Nora Mai, we have developed a framework in which to organize the contest and show without limiting your imaginations; a minimalist scenario if you will.

The contest and show will be a traditional runway fashion review. Costumes will be organized into design Houses. The field is wide open.

A few of our design houses are:

bulletHouse of Shagadelic - retro, groovy threads
bulletHouse of Dilbert - corporate wear; Bauer Heim - sports; para-sailing fashions, street luge, spectators, swimwear, etc.
bulletHouse of Spendi - coats, furs, sweaters, outerwear
bulletBacardi-Wear - Tropical cruisewear, party clothes, "Rum-Fun"
bulletMonastery of St. Peter the Dressmaker - religious costume and vestments
bulletZsa Zsa's - Wedding gowns and groom's wear

These Houses are not limitations. If we see something that just doesn't fit, we'll create a new House to fit it in. As is true with many of the actual runway shows, truly bizarre and fantastic concepts are more than welcome. Many of the fashions you see on the runways are not actually meant to be worn on the street. They are intended as advertising, shock and just fun concepts. We hope you have fun with this.

---Pierre & Sandy Pettinger, Folio directors

Special sponsored categories

 Inspired by Architecture

Create a design using details and inspiration from an architectural structure.  Any type or time period of architecture is usable, including fantasy or SF artwork (it doesn't have to be an existing building). Please include one copy of the design inspiration for the judges reference.   Example: the "Sydney Opera House" for Bajoran cleric's hat.

Two $40 prizes, one each in both men's and women's designs.  Sponsored by Alison and Jeff Kondo.

Opening Day at the Ascot Races

Opening Day at the Ascot Races has always been one of the high points of the Society Year. Everyone who is anyone is dressed in the latest fashions by the most famous designers in Black, White and Grey. Beyond the formals, elaborate hats are a part of the tradition. As humans expanded into the galaxy, they brought this 'quaint' custom of overdressing with them. Now this annual event is celebrated on many planets by many species wherever they want to dress to impress.

Entry may be serious or warped.  Watch the race scene in the movie My Fair Lady if you want inspiration.

One $40 prize.    Sponsored by Cat Devereaux


Alas, as with all contests, there must be rules.  Check out the details <here>.

Designs must be received by September 30th, 2002.


Any questions about the contest contact Pierre & Sandy Pettinger at

Contact  Costume Con 21  at

General FF information:

If you need base figures to drawn your designs on, check out our Fashion Figures.

General question about this Fashion Folio web, contact Cat at

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