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Costume Con 21

Future Fashion Design Contest  and Fashion House Exhibition:
Complete Rules


1. Designs must be submitted on 8 1/2" x 11" paper or formatted for that size of paper.

2. Designs must be submitted in black line art. Color renditions are welcome and encouraged. However, for publication purposes, we must have clean black and white art.

3. If submitted on paper, designs must have the name, address (e-mail address optional) and phone number on the back of the design in the upper left corner. In the upper right corner should be the designation "Design 1 of x," "Design 2 of x" and so forth. Details of the designs should be designated "Detail 1 of Design 1," "Detail 2 of Design x" and so forth. Color renditions should be labeled "Color rendering of Design x".

4. For those of you who would like to submit designs in electronic format the following limitations apply:

a. Disk and CD formats must be compatible with PC's. We've had many problems with Mac generated formats.

b. We can accept Jpeg, BMP, Corel Draw or Corel Paint.

c. We ask that you NOT email designs to us. (Our mail server chokes on these large files.) Please mail a disk or CD.

d. Each design should have two files generated for it. One should be the name of the design, which contains the actual graphic. The second should be called "'name of design' desc".

e. Please put all description files in either text, rich text or Word formats (we use Office 2000, so any version up to that is acceptable)

f. Be sure your name, address, (e-mail) and phone number are written on the disk.

5. Designs must be received by September 30th, 2002.

6. By submitting designs to the Costume Con 21 Future Fashion Design Contest, you are agreeing to their publication in the CC21 Fashion Folio and being made for the Future Fashion Show. You retain all other copyrights to your design.

7. Designers will have first choice of their own designs to be made for the show.

8. Send all designs to: Pierre & Sandy Pettinger 5100 Leighton Ave. Lincoln, NE 68504

9. If you have any questions you can contact us at the above address or by e-mail at

Additional information about the contest <here> including sponsored categories.

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