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Costume Con 21

The Future of Fashion: Reserved Design list

Reserve your design now!

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Now that the Future Fashion Folio is out, its time to start planning on how you want to participate in the Fashion Show.  There are lots of great designs and plenty of time in which to construct them.  The Show itself will be held in conjunction with Costume-Con 21 in Chicago , IL on Sunday April 20, 2003 . 

If youíve never been in a Folio Show before itís an experience not to be missed.  Been in too many to count ? Great I want you too! I invite everyone to come play with us.  It will be staged like a real fashion show, with music, lights, an MC, and lots of fun. Never walked a catwalk before? Done it but need a refresher? No problem, there will be a rehearsal with tons of advice and guidance. 

So get those reservations in now! Contact Nora Mia at  Full fashion show information on the official Costume Con 21 website <here>

Designs Reserved

 -- Denotes recently added or modified item.



Designed By

  Opening Night at the Midnight Ascots Fran Evans
  Fractal Robe Ann Catelli
  Men's Business Wear Alison Kondo
  Leather and Turtle Neck Sweater Dress Ja'Net Johnson
  Peahen Suit Steve Swope
  Octagonal Dress Jasmyn Beauverd
  Ascot Op Susan Eisenhour
  Fairy Gothmother Dina Flockhart
  Counselor of Colonia Ann Catelli
  Carnival Dress Alison Kondo
  Spectator at a Religious Ceremony Alison Kondo
  Plum Crazy / Dance Dress Nora Mai
  Layered Outfit Alison Kondo
  Day / Evening / Cruise Wear Nora Mai
  Death's Bride Karen Heim
  Booklegger Nancy Shapiro
  Oriental American Geisha Ja'Net Johnson
  Unisex Ceremonial Tabard & Robe Margaret Richardson
  Ocean Inspired Evening Gown Alison Kondo
  Salwar Kurta Tanya D'Silva
  Rainbow Girl Margaret Richardson
  The Dragon Queen Susan Krueger
Latticia Linda Sweeney

You may make up more than one design but may appear on stage only once. Secondary requests will be considered after the primary requests have been honored. You must have other bodies/people to wear the additional design(s). If you need help finding a model I will try and help but it would be preferable if you could provide your own. 

All Fashion Show participants must be attending members of Costume-Con 21. 

Contact Nora Mia at to reserve entries.

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