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Costume Con 23

Crossroads of Space and Time


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Entries must be in the judges hands by October 1,  2004

Full contest rules and the mailing address can be found here:

As always designs may be in any future category that you can create.  Some of the favorites are Evening Gowns, Wedding, Business Attire, Uniforms, Religious Wear, Prom... but don't let yourself be limited... what other clothing will the future require?

Cash Prizes? Yes!

While the main reason to do the folio is for fun and to show off your creativity in the folio that is published... we are sponsoring a few prizes

This year there are two sets of cash prizes to help spur your creativity...

Wild Frontier

Imagine the future as we expand out with our knowledge. We will be traveling deeper into Space, exploring the Oceans and maybe even other Dimensions. Some folks will choose to seek the wilds of frontier life vs. the safe mundania of a structured civilization. What will they wear? What is considered wild in the future?

sponsored by Cat Devereaux

Desert Climate

Can be the deserts here on Earth, or on some distant planet. Do your own interpretation of costumes from your favorite genre book or movie featuring a desert climate, or make up clothing from a culture of your own invention.

sponsored by Ricky and Karen Dick

Prize Amounts

Each Category will have 3 prizes

bullet1st - $25
bullet2nd - $15
bullet3rd - $10

Remember... you must have the designs in the judges hands by October 1, 2004

General FF information:

If you need base figures to drawn your designs on, check out our Fashion Figures.

Rules are <here>.

General question about this Fashion Folio web, contact Cat at

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