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Samples of Special Categories

for Future Fashion Design Contests

Often Future Fashion shows have special design categories.  Some have extra rewards, some of just an extra category; most are rather whimsical, though some are serious.  They're all created to increase the flow of design ideas.


Costume Con 26

bulletThe Dr. Terwilliker "Dress Me Up" Award - sponsored by The League of Evil Geniuses. What are the Evil of the Future going to wear?
bulletProject Folio - Sign up in advance for this special category. Applications must be received by August 15, 2007 for this category.
bulletThe Theodor Seuss Geisel "Cat in the Hat" Award - What is the fashionable non-human of the future wearing?
bulletAnd To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street - What would little Marco have envisioned in the future?

Costume Con 25

bulletRock & Roll, part II - sponsored by Nora & Bruce Mai. In keeping with the "Hell Freezes Over" Rock & Roll theme (again) we're looking for designs inspired by the music of the Rock & Roll era. Winning designs might include: Best Glam-Rock, Best Classic Rock, Best Hair-Band look, Best Punk, Best Group, you get the idea. There will be more than one winner in this category. The winners will receive a cash prize & special commemorative gift. 
bulletI Shall Wear Purple... With a Red Hat! (Inspired by the poem "Warning" by Jenny Joseph) - sponsored by Cathy Swope. The costuming community is long overdue in addressing this quintessential area of fashionable expression.  The successful designer will create a "costumer's red hat" design. It may incorporate any historical or futuristic design elements desired, in any combination.  The only restriction is that the main color of the ensemble must be purple, except for the hat, which must be predominantly red. Prizes will be suitably whimsical and eccentric.
P.S. We don't care if you're old, or a woman! Design away!
bulletBest Use of the Color Orange - sponsored by Larry Mische & Ramona Taylor.  Orange must be the dominant color (70%, any/all shades of orange). No other parameters. $25 cash prize.

Costume Con 23

bulletWild Frontier  - Imagine the future as we expand out with our knowledge. We will be traveling deeper into Space, exploring the Oceans and maybe even other Dimensions. Some folks will choose to seek the wilds of frontier life vs. the safe mundania of a structured civilization. What will they wear? What is considered wild in the future?   sponsored by Cat Devereaux
bulletDesert Climate - Can be the deserts here on Earth, or on some distant planet. Do your own interpretation of costumes from your favorite genre book or movie featuring a desert climate, or make up clothing from a culture of your own invention.  Sponsored by Ricky and Karen Dick

bulletI Love Rock'n'Roll!  - sponsored by Nora and Bruce Mai
bulletDesigns inspired by your favorite group, song, music-style... put on the tunes and let the pencil fly!
bulletDefinition: Rock'nRoll - Musical form prevalent in the last half of the twentieth century. Including (but not limited to): Pop, Techno, Classic Rock, Alternative, Funk, Disco, Garage, Southern Rock, Bubblegum, Heavy Metal, Rap, Reggae, Pop Latino, Acid Rock, Dance, Punk, Goth, Grunge......  Everything from Chuck Berry to Nelly!
bulletFashions from Middle-earth - Sponsored by Cat Devereaux
bulletDesign an outfit for your favorite resident of Middle-earth, be it Dwarf, Elf Lord, or Human or anyone else.  We've only seen two of the wizards. What do the others wear?  Do Ents robe themselves in flowers and ivy?  What about caparisons for the beloved horses of the Rohirrim?  Create the best dressed denizen of Middle-earth's future.
bulletRemember, this is a "futurist" contest, so the outfit needs some kind of a twist to move it forward.  If you're looking for an idea on where to start, wander over to LOTR Costume to see what they were wearing during the "3rd age".

General FF information:

If you need base figures to drawn your designs on, check out our Fashion Figures.

General question about this Fashion Folio web, contact Cat at

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