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Costume Con 22

Come Join in a Celebration of Fashion Yet to Come


Please joint our Announcement list to get automatic updates on the info.

2003 contest is over, be prepared for 2004

bulletContest is over.  Winners have been notified. Some of the folio designs were made up for CC22's Future Fashion  Show
bulletI Love Rock and Roll Outfits
bulletHot Rod Lincoln, by Jerome Conner, 1st Place
bulletCelestial Jester, Katharine Graham Pollack
bulletThe F.U.N. Dress, by Calitin Dick, 3rd Place
bulletThe Lord of the Rings Futuristic Outfit
bulletThe Second Element: Fire, by Jessica Watts, 1st place
bulletFuturistic Rings Wraith, by F. W. Evans, 2nd place
bulletUltimate Orc Power Suit, by Scott Abbott


Original Rules:

The same pair of crazies who stunned the world at CC16 with the first ever one-entry-per-page Future Fashion Folio proudly presents the Costume Con 22 Future Fashion Folio.

Want to join in the fun?  Here are a few things you should know:

1.  What IS a Future Fashion Folio?

The Future Fashion Folio is basically a collection of designs of clothing from future, alien, fantasy, and SF-inspired realms.  Contestants submit designs and descriptions, which are then judged.  Accepted designs are published in the folio.  The Future Fashion Folio is basically a collection of designs of clothing from future, alien, fantasy, and SF-inspired.  Some of these may be selected by costumers to be constructed and displayed in a Folio Fashion Show to be presented at CC22.

2.  What is CostumeCon?

CostumeCon is a (usually annual) gathering of costumers intended for the sharing of information about and general enthusiasm for costuming as a hobby and art form.  It's also a great opportunity to show off your latest costumes!  In addition, "Costume-Con" is a registered service mark of Karen Dick and Kelly Turner, and is used with permission.

3.  We take on all comers.

Anyone, whether a member of CC22 or not may submit designs.

4.  No rank in this file.

For this Folio, there are no "places," nor are there categories as such.  Designs are either included or not, and they will not be pigeonholed into arbitrary categories (they will be cross-indexed by a variety of criteria, however).

5.  Accepted designs will be published.

Selected entries will be printed in the CC22 Future Fashion Folio.  You may also choose to present your own fashion design (or another entrant's) at the CC22 Future Fashion Folio Fashion Show.

6.  Good art is nice.  Good design is nicer.

Although artistic ability is always one element of judging, it is not the only element in this contest.  We value the quality of the design, not necessarily the rendering.

7.  Be original.  Be creative.  Be off-the-wall!

Any original design will be considered, whether for humans, aliens, media characters, pets, elves, gnomes, yaks, bats, or old gnus, etc.  Design any outfit for anything or anyone!  However, exact reproductions of others' designs, whether historical, ethnic, or media, are right out.

8.  We want clothing designs!

Our judges have a strong bias (in fact, an outright prejudice) in favor of designs that are practical, comfortable, believable clothing.  Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . everybody says that.  But we mean it.  Really.  This is a fashion design contest, not a masquerade on paper.  Now, if it's practical clothing for humans, aliens, media characters, pets, elves, gnomes, yaks, bats, or old gnus, etc, that's just fine.

9.  Sponsored Prizes

There are currently two sponsored awards:

I Love Rock'n'Roll!

sponsored by Nora and Bruce Mai

Designs inspired by your favorite group, song, music-style... put on the tunes and let the pencil fly!

Definition: Rock'nRoll - Musical form prevalent in the last half of the twentieth century. Including (but not limited to): Pop, Techno, Classic Rock, Alternatitve, Funk, Disco, Garage, Southern Rock, Bubblegum, Heavy Metal, Rap, Reggae, Pop Latino, Acid Rock, Dance, Punk, Goth, Grunge......  Everything from Chuck Berry to Nelly!

Prizes to be awarded as follows:

bulletFirst Place: $35
bulletSecond Place: $25
bulletThird Place: $15

Fashions from Middle-earth

Sponsored by Cat Devereaux

Design an outfit for your favorite resident of Middle-earth, be it Dwarf, Elf Lord, or Human or anyone else.  We've only seen two of the wizards. What do the others wear?  Do Ents robe themselves in flowers and ivy?  What about caparisons for the beloved horses of the Rohirrim?  Create the best dressed denizen of Middle-earth's future.

Remember, this is a "futurist" contest, so the outfit needs some kind of a twist to move it forward.  If you're looking for an idea on where to start, wander over to LOTR Costume to see what they were wearing during the "3rd age".

Prizes to be awarded as follows:

bulletFirst Place: $35
bulletSecond Place: $25
bulletThird Place: $15

Additional funds to both contests have been donated by CC22's web master Lonnie Harvel.

Costume Con 22 Design Contest Rules

1.  All designs must be neat and original.  (We've said that before; we know.)  You may trace figures.  If someone helps you draw the design, please indicate that.  Send us an SASE if you want figure outlines to trace.

We also have some fashion figures on line, <click here>.

2.  Draw each separate design in black ink on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of white paper.  Details or back views may be on separate sheets as well.  Send us your clean, legible copies only.  KEEP YOUR ORIGINALS!  

3.  Color versions of designs may be submitted (in fact, we encourage it) ALONG WITH THE REQUIRED BLACK-AND-WHITE VERSIONS (if it gets in, we have to be able to print it).

4.  On the back of each design sheet, please indicate the following:
    a.  Your name and address
    b.  Your age (if 12 or under)
    c.  Whether you are a first-time designer
    d.  The number of that design and total number of designs submitted (#1 of 8, #2 of 8, etc.).  If your design has multiple pages, label them #2A of 8, #2B of 8, and so on.

5.  For each entry, please include a title and written description.  Descriptions may cover inspirational sources, cultural, clothing or character background, design details, suggested fabrics, colors, etc., and any other relevant information.  A great description may help an entry!

6.  You, as the original designer, retain all rights to your CC22 Future Fashion Folio submissions; however, by submitting them to the CC22 Folio contest, you agree to their publication in the CC22 Fashion Folio, their exhibit at CC22, and their reproduction for the Fashion Show.

7.  If you want your drawings returned, you must enclose a large enough envelope with sufficient postage.  They will be mailed to you after the convention.

8.  You have first right to construct your own designs for the Fashion Show; when you submit your entries, please tell us which ones you'll execute (please bear in mind that the "one body, one costume" rule still applies).  We will mark those designs as "Reserved" in the Folio.

9.  Provided that all submissions are POSTMARKED BY SEPTEMBER 2, 2003, you may submit any number of designs, as many times as you wish.  Furthermore, this deadline is cast in stone - inflexible and unmovable.  (It's really for your benefit; it gives you more time to make the designs before the con once the folio has been published.)

10.  For Canadian submissions, please attach a customs declaration sticker, listing the contents as amateur drawings with no commercial value.

11.  Designs may be submitted via email (address below).  We accept PICT, GIF, TIFF,  or JPEG files.  Be aware that color images will be printed in grayscale for judging purposes.  Electronic submissions must satisfy the other general submission criteria (e.g., the name and physical mailing address of the entrant must be included in the accompanying message).

Send Designs to:

Future Fashion Folio
c/o Karen Heim
2845 Lemp
St. Louis, MO  63118-1713


Costume Con 22
c/o Trudy M. Leonard
P.O. Box 656
Decatur, GA  30031, USA
Official contest site:

General FF information:

If you need base figures to drawn your designs on, check out our Fashion Figures.

General question about this Fashion Folio web, contact Cat at

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