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The Elements

F. W. Evans takes inspiration from the 4 elements to create the following evening wear.

Click on pictures for a larger picture of the designs.


Over a cowl neck, baggy sleeved dress of rich brown velvet is an appliquéd cape. The cape, meant to represent germinating seeds, is done in various shades and textures of greens, sparingly touched with gold and lined in dark brown. The leaf like cuffs of the dress echo the cape.


Consists of a long sleeved close fitting gown of a shimmering blue. Over that is a trailing drape/wrap sewn together of iridescent white, pearl, blue, green, and pale blue and green shimmering fabrics meant to represent flowing waves. Iridescent balls and circles of white, clear, pearl and silver accentuate the drape.


Consists of a flowing, long sleeve dress of lava red lamé. Over that is a hip length jacket of black velvet edged with ashy grey. Long black velvet gloves and a head wrap echo the jacket. Like breaks in the earth's crust inserts of lamé decorate jacket, gloves and headpiece. Rhinestones of orange, red, black and copper accentuate the inserts. A dress symbolic of the molten heart of the planet.


Consists of a long sleeved flowing gown of a heavy matt white chiffon. (Several layers over a soft matt white under gown.) Over that is a quilted bolero jacket of white velveteen with pierced elbow length sleeves. The velveteen is softly airbrushed at the seam lines with blue, blue violet and violet.

Fastened to the shoulders and arms of the jacket by brushed gold clips is a flowing floor length violet chiffon drape. The headpiece, which matches the jacket, has an attached veil of blue chiffon.  A filmy, floating creation meant to represent air.


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