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Showcase examples from
Cat Devereaux

In this web site we have talked about how you don't have to be a great artist to submit to the Future Fashion Design contests.  I'm going to share some of my designs that just use basic templates, that prove the point.  I like to tweaking basic styles of dress for a future look or use.   Hair and accessories count too.

-Cat Devereaux-

Also see The Egyptions.

Click on pictures for a larger picture of the designs.

College Student's Tunic and Skirt

Parents sending their children off-world to college in the future have much more control than in past centuries.  The restricted credit card this student was issues assures that she continues to dress conservative as befits a representative of their planet.  The parents consider  the straight mid-thigh black skirt with the high-necked orange tunic appropriate, though the bright yellow sash is a bit radical.

The student has chosen the same recourse as many of her fellow classmates.  The lighting bracelets and earrings were earned for doing another classmate's term paper.  Scissors and read and yellow acrylic paints needed for 'art class' trim the outfit.  The top is twisted a few times to fit the body better.  The discarded sleeves become fashionable leggings.

Just wait until papa sees the yearbook.

Category: Students
Inspiration: Going shopping with mother


Queen of Hearts

This stage outfit is fro Patricia A. McKillip's Fool's Run.  The character is Michele Viridian, know though out the solar system as the famous and mysterious cuber (futurist drummer), the Queen of hearts.  She always wears mask-like gold face paint.  Her long wild hair is rose-colored, heavily glittered and pinned with a scattering of black heat pins.  He stage outfits is a combination of sexy  glitz and practicality, allowing for the extreme range of movement she must  have.  The satin bodice is crimson, black and rose.  the hear trim is edged with black piping.  The black, glitter lace sleeves and spit skirt are edged with rose sequins.  She wears a wide place lace ruff on her neck and smaller ones on her wrists.  Her high strapped crimson shoes are rhinestone-studded and edged in hearts.  The cube sticks and her nails are rose to match her hair.

This costume is not actually described in the book, only hinted at and left to the reader's imagination.  This designs is based on the descriptions from the book and numerous examples of the Queen of Hearts in card decks.

Categories: Performer, Book Inspired

Inspiration: Fool's Run

"The budging bag over her shoulder was about to overflow with odd things" black lace, red satin, the rhinestone-studded heal of a show, a pair of rose-colored cube-sticks.  Her face winked in the light, glittering from her hair caught in the lustrous mask of paint that was so smoothly and richly gold... She shook her head: heart-pins slid and clung; a black crinoline collar dropped out of her bag... a shoe dropped... the rhinestones glittered wildly... She tucked the she back into her bag, her face hidden behind the long rippling, rose-colored hair."


Virtual Reality: The Flamer

Virtual reality games are no longer tied to clunky machines in malls.  Now the computers will fit on a belt buckle.  Groups can play together though radio communications.  VR suits are tight fitting with wires running down the legs and across the arms to gloves where each finger is wired.  Because teens will often continue to play during their regular activities, there are rules that insist that VR kids wear protective clothing including helmets and pads for knees and elbows.

The added safety requirements haven't created a geeky look.  Instead the kids have deigned whole outfits around their handles.

This is an outfit for a teen who's handle is "the Flamer".  The suit is orange with red gloves, boots, helmet and belt.  The sun shaped waist belt computer and pads are yellow, orange and red outlines in gold piping.  Her control wires are also covered with gold trim.  The flame streaks on the helmet are orange while the antenna are covered in day=glow yell with gold tips.

Category: Teen, sports wear, electronic accessories 
Inspiration: Modern skateboarders and the new safety rules.

See additional work by this artist in Egyptian Inspired.  

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