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Movie Costume Resource Links

There are lots of places to find out about movie costumes on the web.  We're just one piece of the larger costuming community. 

These links are just a start.  Please check out the listed sites.  Most have a wealth of extra links for even more costume research.

Links Index

bulletMultiple Movie Costume  Research Sites
bulletIndividual Movie Study Links
bulletMore Costume Studies - Construction, Tips, & Tutorials
bulletPlaces to Find Costume Pictures
bulletOriginal Movie Costume for Sale

Multiple Movie Costume Research Sites

Websites devoted to Movie Costume Study - recreation, documentation

Check these out for costume research information on lots of different movies.

bulletAlley Cat Scratch Costumes  (us)
bulletStudy of movie costumes - just getting started
bulletLOTR Costume
bulletKing Kong Costume
bulletExhibit pictures from numerous movies
bulletThe Costumer's Guide to Movies
bulletLots of historical.  Some fantasy and science fiction costume
bulletCaps and exhibit pictures
bulletLinks out to other documentation sites
bulletReplica Prop Forum
bulletMain focus is props, models and "hard shell" type costuming and costuming movies.
bulletAlso have a good list of current screen-used props and costumes.
bullet Movie Costumes - Live Journal
bulletNew group - Using the Live Journal format to follow a number of the newest costume movies out there.
bulletNaergilien's Costume In Movies
bulletA number of historical movies, mostly Elizabethan to Victorian, also some Sci-Fi costume studies
bulletMostly screen caps, but more detail is being added all the time. She also has good exhibit shots.
bulletAlso many good tutorials on fabric modification and decoration.
bulletFrock Talk
bulletA blog specifically for costume design. 
bulletKristen writes costume based movie reviews.  These also include some interviews with the costume designers and costume crew.
bulletSome pics, but this resource's main value is for understanding what went into the costumes and sometimes the why.
bulletCostumes In Musicals
bullet Musical Costume Live Journal Community
bulletMostly theater, but growing.
bulletPink & Green Musical Theater Costume Blog
bulletOK, theatre, not movie... but there's crossover... and obsessive detail.

Extra Resources on Costuming

bulletF-Costume Discussion List  (us)
bulletDiscuss fantasy, science fiction and movie costumes
bullet Costume Gather Discussion List   (us)
bulletDiscuss costume events, con, gathers and other get-togethers with like minded costuming friends.
bulletHordes of Costuming Links- movie, resources & reconstructions:
bullet The Costumer's Manifesto
bulletThe Costume Page
bulletMilieux - The Costume Site
bulletInternational Costumer's Guild
bulletWebsite - Costume galleries, and more
bulletDiscussion group

Individual Movie Costume Study Links

These are listed by series, and then aphabet.  Ex: "Ever After" would be under "Cinderella" or all Star Trek, old or new, series or movie will be under "Star Trek"

bulletAlice in Wonderland
bulletTim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Costumes
bulletCostumer's Guide documentation and break downs
bulletAll things Alice -
bulletAll the books, including images, pics of the real Alice, etc
bulletDisney Alice in Wonderland costume pictures
bullet John Tenniel Illustrations from Alice in Wonderland & Though the Looking Glass from Victorian Web.  (These are the B&W line drawing we most associate w/ the books and on which most Alice costumes derive.)
bulletBattleStar Galactica
bulletThere doesn't appear to be one devoted site, but there are various places to get the info.
bulletStar Gate Command BattleStar Galactica sub section, costuming mixed in with the regular chat.
bulletDewBack Wing has sections for both versions - registration required.
bulletSci-fi Remake - 2005
bullet Scif Hero's Battlestar Galactica Costume Guides
bulletBuffy and Angel
bulletPicture Galleries
bulletDust 'till Dawn galleries
bulletCinderella Movies
bullet Celluloid Cinderella
bulletPicture galleries from a full range of Cinderella movies including "The Glass Slipper", "The Slipper and the Rose", "Ella Enchanted" as well as a number of Cinderella type movies
bulletEver After  specifically:
bulletCenterpoint for costuming: Ever After Costuming
bullet Ever After Costumes Yahoo group
bulletThe Whoopee Spot - lots of stills
bulletCostumer's Guide - Chicago movie costume study
bulletOfficial Miramax movie site
bulletChronicles of Riddick
bulletNaergilien's  - Chronicles of Riddick costume study
bulletOfficial Movie site:
bulletMain fan site: Pitchers Blacker
bulletThe Chronicles of Narnia
bulletCenterpoint for Narnia costuming:
bulletThe Wardrobe Door
bullet Narnia web costume discussion
bulletOfficial site:
bulletUniforms and prop centric, with lots of Farscape resources
bulletFirefly / Serenity:
bullet 's costume information.
bulletMia's Serenifly Costumes
bulleta work in progress... but more info all the time
bulletCostumers Guide's Firefly costume study
bulletCostume Designer's Sale Site: Firefly Costume
bulletLive journal Firefly Costume community
bulletPicture studies
bulletDusk 'till Dawn Gallery
bulletMain fan site: Firefly
bulletOfficial site for Serenity movie
bulletFlash Gordon
bulletThere are no costume sites, but a fair amount of detail on the universe.
bulletPics of the 1930's serial:
bulletPictures by episode, small
bulletMagazine extras
bulletNote: the serial is in public domain.  The episodes can be found on line, or on cheap DVD's to make your own caps.  (Please send.) 
bulletWork warning: site plays loud music throughout.
bulletThe Flash Gordon Movie Site
bulletTHE source for information on the 1980's movie Flash Gordon
bulletFlash Gordon Wiki
bulletThe wiki for all things Flash Gordon including the Sci-Fi series.  It only has a few pics, but links you to source info to find almost everything.
bulletForbidden Planet
bulletUncle Odies Collectibles - Forbidden Planet
bulletPhotos, including original sketches, lobby cards, props, Robby
bulletGone with the Wind:
bulletScarlett online
bullet Gone with the Wind Garments Yahoo discussion group
bullet Dr. Macro's Movie Scans - Gone with the Wind Costumes
bulletHarry Potter:
bulletCenterpoint for costuming: Robes for all Occasions
bulletMadame Malkins Yahoo Group
bulletIrwin Allen Movies and TV Shows
bulletUncle Odies Collectibles 
bulletLost in Space, Time Tunnel, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Robby the Robot
bulletLemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events
bulletCostumers Guide's Lemony Snicket costume study
bullet Dressup Asoue Livejournal Cosplay
bulletLord of the Rings:
bulletCenterpoint for costumes: Alley Cat Scratch's LOTR Costumes  (us)
bulletLOTR Costume Discussion Yahoo Group  (us)
bulletElven Armor:
bulletHaldir's Elven Archers Easyboard discussion group
bullet Jedi Elfqueen's Elven Warriors tutorials
bulletOrcs - the Bad Guys (LARP) - orcs and other nasties
bulletMarie Antoinette & other 18th century movies
bulletDregae - The Costumers of Marie Antoinette - 2006 Movie
bullet Dressing Marie Antoinette Yahoo discussion group
bullet Images of Marie Antoinette Yahoo discussion group - more historical based, less costume, but also discussing the 2006 movie.
bullet Matrix Costume Yahoo group
bulletWarner Brothers Official "What is the Matrix?" site
bulletMedieval Movies (includes King Arthur):
bullet Medieval Movie Costuming Yahoo group
bullet Costumers Guide's King Arthur costume study
bulletMemoirs of a Geisha:
bulletCostumers Guide's Memories of a Geisha costume study
bulletSony Pictures' official move site for Memories of a Geisha
bulletMoulin Rouge:
bulletGlittersweet's Moulin Rouge costume resource index
bulletCostumers Guide's Moulin Rouge costume study
bulletDiamond Dogs discussion group
bulletOfficial movie site
bulletMy Fair Lady:
bullet Dr Macro's Movie Scans - My Fair Lady costumes
bulletPirates of the Caribbean:
bulletPOTC  Costuming Yahoo group
bulletCheck their link section for lots of resources and pattern tips
bulletPirates of the Caribbean Costume Study
bulletJack, Will & Elizabeth
bulletJack Sparrow Costuming Wiki
bulletJack in detail
bulletSithcamaro's Jack costume study
bulletCostumers Guide's POTC costume study - Ladies costumes
bulletACS scratch photos: <here> &  <here>
bullet Official Disney move site
bulletPhantom of the Opera (stage and movie)
bulletThe stage version
bullet Glittersweet's costume study and index
bulletThe movie version
bullet Costume Beginner's movie costume study
bullet Phantom Costumes Yahoo group
bulletWarner Brother's official movie site
bulletShakespeare in Love
bullet Naergi's Shakespeare in Love Costume Study
bullet Costumers Guide Study
bulletSleepy Hollow:
bulletCostumers Guide - Sleepy Hollow costume study
bullet Threads of Sleepy Hollow Yahoo group
bulletWe're talking about the Stardust movie costumes and patterns on F-costume
bulletCostumers Guide - Stardust costumes Picture references
bulletStar Gate:
bulletStar Gate Command
bulletStar Gate Special Forces Group - mainly uniforms and role play's official Star Gate site
bulletStar Trek
bulletStar Trek Uniform Guide
bulletIncludes links to patterns, and insignia
bulletStar Fleet 1701ST-A - discussion board
bulletStar Wars:
bulletCenterpoint for costumes: Padawan's Guide
bulletJedi Council's costume discussion (the
bulletOfficial Star Wars movie site
bulletSweeny Todd
bulletCostumes Guide: Sweeny Todd Costume Study
bulletTitanic Dresses Yahoo Group
bulletTroy Costume Yahoo group
bulletTuck Everlasting:
bulletCostumer's Guide - Tuck Everlasting study
bulletTwilight Vampires
bulletTwilight Costumes, mostly Bella
bulletA lot of the Twilight costumes can be bought
bulletNatsuame's Hunt for Twilight Costumes
bulletVan Helsing and other Persucci-costumed movies:
bullet Pescucci Costume Yahoo Group
bulletOfficial movie site
bulletWizard of Oz
bulletCostumer's Guide - Wizard of Oz costume breakdowns and exhibits
bulletWicked - The musical
bulletWhat is this Feeling? - Wicked Resources
bulletGalinda's Wardrobe
bullet Pink & Green - musical theatre - Glinda Costumes
bulletThreads of Elena (looking for a new link)
bullet Official Sony Movie Site for the Legend of Zorro

More Costume Studies

Costume Construction, Tips, & Tutorials

(Still need to flesh out this section)

bulletAlley Cat Scratch's Making 'Em   (us)
bulletConstruction Tips, Pattern Fitting,  Makeup, Hair and more
bulletIntro guides for leather working, armor, chain maille, etc's discussion forums
bulletThis covers anime costume movies
bulletLots of tips and how to links
bulletThe Costume Manifesto
bulletMassive link site to everything costume related.
bulletDawn's Costume Guide
bulletLots of links to how-to sites
bulletA number of historic patterns that work quite well for movie costumes too.
bulletThe Elizabethan Costume Page
bulletLots of tips, techniques, research and links
bulletRenaissance costume focus, 16th century
bulletPattern generator for corset and smock
bulletThe Great Pattern Review
bulletReviews of how well a pattern works - great resource (and something to consider to contributing to as well).

Places to find more Movie Costume Pictures

To find more costume pictures on your own....

bulletLook for
bulletthe official site for the movie
bulletthe fan site for the movie

Sites that normally have good sized pics of the latest movies

bulletRotten Tomatoes
bulletVery good resolution on pics
bulletBesides having the PR pics, they also print all of the studio's release notes so check out their "about" tab for more costume information
bulletThey've been around a while so they have some of the older movies too
bulletOnly downside, costume and fantasy movies don't get any special treatment so they're not likely to have any "extra" pictures.
bulletSometimes have extra pictures
bulletGood resolution
bulletMonsters and Critics
bulletA bit hard to navigate sometimes, but start searches in their database.
bulletWon't always have pictures, but when they're doing special coverage, can find some nice hard to find pics
bulletSometimes have extra articles
bulletAlso cover theater so may have pics of the latest plays
bulletOut Now
bulletSwiss site that has high rez images of some of the latest movies.  They won't have everything, but on movies covered, do sometimes have more pictures.
bulletAll Movie Photos
bulletHas wonderfully large images of current and future movies.  However, they're a bit tough to navigate.  Look under the stars name and be patience, there's lots and lots of adds.
bulletAlso check out the next section.  Pictures of original costumes displayed for sale make great reference.

Sites with pictures of classic movies:

bulletDr Macro's High Quality Movie Scans - Golden Age of Hollywood
bulletWonderful cleaned-up scans of the old 8x10 glossy movie publicity stills from the golden age of Hollywood.  These are groups by actor/actress, movie (with a summary and old posters), the Ziegfeld Girls and even more links.
bulletUncle Odies Collectibles  - Classic Sci-Fi
bulletThis website centers on Irwin Allen Films and other Classic 50's and 60's Sci-fi.  It has image gallery, collectables, props, posters and more.
bulletIt's a tad hard to navigate, but worth it - here are some shortcuts
bulletLost in Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Land of the Giants, Time Tunnel
bullet Forbidden Planet, The Munsters, Planet of the Apes and more

Please write and recommend even more sites.

Original Movie Costumes for Sale

Want the original costume? Want to own a piece of cinema history?  Have a big budget?  There are web sits out there that sell the original garments.

Keep in mind, they are pre-worn and some may be distressed... and to wear them you must fit the actor's size.  Items listed are changing constantly.

These are great pictures of movie costumes.  Also consider saving pics for your personal research.  The costumers are shown under better light and in different ways than in the movies.  You can see great details.

bulletAntique Dress Memorabilia
bulletBacklot Props
bullet New Line Cinema Auctions
bulletPremiere Props
bulletThe Prop Store of London
bulletReel Clothes and Props
bulletScreen Used
bulletYour Props

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