Halloween Events in Los Angeles – 2017

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Grand list of Halloween Events in Los Angeles

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(2017 edition)

What do you plan to do Halloween night?  Find Halloween Events in Los Angeles here.

Halloween becomes a bigger event in Los Angles every year.   To many, it’s an unofficial holiday of costumes, ghouls and parties. More are leaving work early, enjoying their Halloween party, celebrating half the night and then coming into work late the next day.  Find Halloween Events in Los Angeles and the surrounding area for all of October.  We update and check every year for you.

Alley Cat's dancing Halloween night awayWhat is it’s magical allure that so many folks want to celebrate at Halloween? Scaring themselves silly at a Haunted House?  Wearing the spooky costumes? The Halloween Parties? The memory of childhood? A chance to throw off inhibitions and to become someone else for the night? … Or, be somewhere else in some magical never-never land?

Regardless, of your reason or your tastes, we’ve collected a list of Los Angeles Halloween events to keep you busy most of October. Do you want to swing dance? Or, hip hop? Or, disco? Do you want to find a wild costume contest? Or, relax the evening away in historical garb? Do you want to see a silent movie? This year’s latest horror release? Or, the Rocky Horror Picture Show? A reading of Poe? Looking for the hottest dance club parties??? Wander a graveyard?  Or, something for the family? Do you want to dress up or just watch costume folks this Halloween, here’s a selection of Halloween Events in Los Angeles to sooth the ghoul in you.

Have fun clicking to check out all the cool & crazy happenings in Los Angeles for Halloween. We group by type of events and sometimes region. We want you to explore, to taste, to experience. It’s not a time to be stuck in a rut. It’s a time of year that celebrates the differences of Los Angeles with spooky fun.

Feel free to recommend more LA Halloween events to us. .

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Master Index of Halloween Events in Los Angeles

  • Startling Halloween Street Fairs and Autumn Festivals
    • These are city wide gatherings. Some just Halloween night, some for the season.
      • Halloween Carnivals, Pumpkin Festivals, pumpkin patches and corn mazes and lots of family fun.
      • Some are the night of Halloween, but many are the weekends before.
      • Find very kid friendly events, and party with your neighbors.
      • These are now split up by area, but don’t be afraid to explore widely during the Halloween Season.
  • Dia de Los Muertos– Day of the Dead Celebrations
    • Festivals and parties, with a Hispanic flavor
      • These happen throughout October.
  • Haunted Houses
    • A fun selection of Haunted Houses and search engines to find even more.
      • Now divided by regions to speed your quest for the perfect haunted house..
  • Eclectic Extras– Haunts and Fun
    • Halloween events in Los Angeles goes far beyond haunted houses, so here we present the off the wall, the oddball, the trendy.  You never know what you’ll find here…. but it’s guaranteed to be fun and interesting.
      • Zombies!!!
      • Ghost walks
      • Halloween Scavenger Hunts
      • Pub Crawls
      • Anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else.
    • Includes some fun off the wall contests.
  • Haunts on Wheels
    • Even more eclectic haunting events – planes, trains and auto.
      • Train rides!
      • Haunted Tours!
      • Skate!
  • Howlin’ Halloween – Events for Dogs & Cats
    • Let the dogs out! … and the cats. Come play in costume with your four-pawed friends.
    • Help with animal rescue.
    • Spooky Halloween
  • Frightful Halloween Clubs and Modern Dance Parties
    • Dance clubs, cabaret and seriously extreme adult parties. Halloween is the one night of the year that age doesn’t matter if you want to get your freak on.
  • Halloween Parties with a Flair
    • A list of smaller, eclectic parties for those with a taste of something other than the loud, extreme dance clubs. Many have a different taste of culture.  Some are just crazy.
  • Historic Dances and Traditional Autumn Costume Events
    • Living History programs
      • Cemetery Walking Tours
    • Historic Dancing – costume and the elegance of yesteryear. Some of these groups dance all year round, but it’s an interesting and romantic alternative to the modern dance clubs.
    • Pirates! – Yea,  not quite Halloween, but in September get ready for costumes.
  • Amusement Park makeovers
    • All the parks are redoing themselves for Halloween. Events vary, but figure the day is for the kids, and the night is for the adults. Read limits closely for teen attendance.

    Live Halloween Theater – Boo

    • Scare yourself in a more formal environment
      • From rock musicals to horror ballet to concerts to burlesque
      • Rocky Horror to the classics
  • Costuming Workshops and Exhibits
  • Eye Opening Costume Exhibits
    • There’s lots more to learn about Halloween, fun and knowledge
      • Exhibits for kids and adults
        • Everything from “proper” to “crazy”
      • Lectures
        • Fun Halloween related stuff, nothing like class.
  • Kids Halloween
    • We’ve pulled out the kids Halloween events from the misc categories. These are just special kid centered events.
    • Look for the Kids Candy Corn marker throughout the listing for Festivals and events for kids.
  • Halloween Movies to give you Halloween Chills
    • Special mood setting Halloween movie presentations
      • Mixed formats – movies and performers – do that time warp
      • Silent Movies – classic Halloween chills with great music
    • Scary Movie Ideas
      • Special presentations of Horror Movies.
        • Timeless classic scares – from black & white to bloody red
      • Scary movies at your local theaters
        • October is a great time to check out the latest stasher flick
  • Kickin’ back at Home for Halloween

    • You don’t have to go out to enjoy Halloween
      • The Boo-Tube
        • Television Halloween marathons and more fun stuff on TV
      • DVD Scares
        • The latest scary movies to hit the DVD shelf. Create your own parties at home. Bring your own bloody popcorn
  • Boo News & Sources for more Halloween and more Costumes

2017 Update  Look for this flag to show we have confirmation for this year’s event. The year is listed next to all events because some folks don’t update their webs until the last minute. Please check with the venue if you see an old date.. most likely the party is still happening. LA loves to party… but they’re very slow at updating their webs..

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Kid and family friendly Halloween events. Read the event details. Sometimes only certain shows are suitable for younger kids.

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This is only a sample of the fun Halloween events available though out the area. Most listed here have web sites. There’s a lot more fun out there, but this list had to stop sometime. Be sure to check out your local paper for more events around you or listen to your favorite radio station for club events. (Check Boo News for hints on how to find more events.)

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