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Ann Darrow - 2005

Naomi Watts gives her own flair to this modern Ann Darrow.  She can wear the dresses with great elegance while at the same time she can run though the jungle, or juggle, in just a bit of silken slip with equal flare.

While Ann wears two costumes though most of the movie, this blond haired beauty of King Kong changes clothing often the rest of the time to make up for this.  She wears separates at the start of the movie.  On board ship she wears a collection of silk robes and slips as well as a number of beautiful  size-4 costumes created for the "movie".  These are beautiful silks and other natural fibers.  They are seen for only moments, but each are beautiful 1930's dresses. On Skull Island she first wears a wonderful adventure fantasy costume much like Fey Rey's then for her date with King Kong she changes into more intimate silks.  Beauty conquers the Beast in a beautiful glittery white gown.

Documentation is slight on a number of the costumes.  Until we get more information, clothing changes may be grouped.  For some dresses, there will be multiple pages, so check the top menus tabs. Where we think there are continuity issues, we'll mention them.  If a layer is worn in multiple scenes, it will be documented with the main scene.

Ann Darrow's Costume Index

The Streets of New York

What does a starving actress wear?

Aboard the S. S. Venture

What does a well dress actress wear aboard ship bound for a mysterious romantic island location?

On Skull Island

What do you wear on a jungle island to romance the biggest ape around, King Kong?

The Finale

What would Beauty wear to conquer the Beast on their last date?

Publicity Shots

What kind of costumes does the studio think an leading lady should be wearing?


USA Today 12-29-05: King Kong has Style Stature

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