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The Finale - Back in New York

(Spoilers! - click here to go straight to Ann's finale gown and ignore this page.)

Peter Jackson's King Kong separates from the other version in how the final scenes in New York play out between Ann and her companions from the ship.  As such Ann's costume is a bit different than expected.

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bulletFake Beauty
bulletBye-bye Blackbird
bulletFinale Beauty Dress  (*p)

Fake Beauty

Carl Denham stand on stage before hundreds of people.  He tells "his" tale of the capture of Kong and then presents a twisted stage show with history rewritten.  The natives are comical, a homage to the original, the leading man becomes the hero, and the blond beauty is sacrificed to King Kong in a long white evening gown!  Except in this version, the girl introduced as Ann, is not even the real Ann.. just one more fake in Carl's show.

(no pictures yet)

Fake Beauty wears a beautiful form fitting full length hwhite evening gown -- just like you'd expect Kong's Beauty to wear.  It is sleeveless but she wears full opera length gloves.  The back of the neck is accented with a separate draped scarf, making it at first appear that the back is cowl necked, just like Ann's.

She wears elaborate rhinestone earrings, 2 parts both diamond shaped.  Draped low around her waist is a gold chain belt.  Extra chain loops decoratively down from the main belt.

Bye-Bye Blackbird

Back in New York, we first see Ann at her dressing table wrapped in a tie-wrap dressing robe... and assume she is prepping for Carl's grand show.... not to dance in the chorus in a smaller NY theater.

Beauty shot, at the dressing table.  Not sure if this shot is through the mirror or inverted. Very low rez.  This is as much as we see of the dressing robe  

Ann's costume is covered by a silk-satin dressing robe.  It tie wraps across the front.  Colors are very hard to tell.  Look like a dark silver/grey with a blue tone.  The collar,  white or cream.  (Note collar is a band/facing down the front of the robe.)  Assumption that the robe a 3/4 or full length so it covers the dress, but actually unknown.   We just see her putting on her jewelry at the dressing table.

She wears a very large rhinestone hair clip.  It is asymmetrical, a large center with 5 bigger stones circling half of it.  The stage costume includes white opera length gloves and a large white marabou feather fan.

Her pieced earrings are a diamond shape crystal - clean center with the edges faceted.   The jewelry is removed before she leaves the theater to find King Kong.

Finale Beauty Dress

Click pic for Beauty's page

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