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Seam Study for Ann's Beauty Dress

Version 1.2 - 2/14/06

On this page we're trying to look at the actual dress to find  seam placement and sewing pattern details.  Many of the photo examples are low rez.... but you can see the most by watching the movement sequences.  We'll show the dress pattern and make some guestimates about the underpinnings worn with this velvet Beauty dress.

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bulletMain Seam Study
bulletSkirt Widths
bulletSide Detailing and Seams
bulletBack of Dress Seams
bulletSkirt Pattern
bulletMore general pictures of the dress on the main dress page

Main Seam Study

This is a beautiful bias cut silk dress.  The seams run diagonally from left to right.  The bodice has some shaping on one side.  The skirt is a very simple drape of fabric.

In this series of low rez images note the movement of the dress and look at the seaming.  (Ann is on top of the Empire State Building attempting to wave off the bi-planes. We see some great movement while she's jumping.)

  Good look at all the seams here Can kind of see the glitter placement here

Bodice study, she's running along a NY street at full speed.  Note how thin the fabric layers appear to be.

Running, the dress pushes against the body.  The slip/bra shows underneath the dress.  When she's not running, it's not obvious under the dress and it's lining. These running picks are where the dress look most like velvet.  It's not wrinkling right for any other fabric. Check under her arm.  Note the wrinkles match up with each of the buttons.. so, these are probably real buttons, not false decoration on top of an invisible zipper.

The Dress's Skirt Width

The skirt is not very wide, the lining form fits to the dress.  It just is a bit shorter.

Can see the lining about 2" less than the dress.   Full shape of the skirt here, and can see the tap-pant too
    This is a BtS shot.  Ignore the grey cotton, it's her between scene's robe, but note what looks like decoration a the bottom of the hem.  It is not.  We're seeing the small hem and the gap in the lining..

Dress Side Detailing and Seams

The dress buttons on the left side.  The back seaming is clear than the front.  The the buttons are shining in one picture, they appear to be self covered.

Note beautiful side detailing of buttons.  You can tell by the way that it pulls that this is actually buttoned. Seams... bottom is a curve, not a straight point  
  Blue marks are seams, Yellow is showing the shadow from the tap-slip.  


Back of dress seams

The large bias seams are pretty easy to see on the back of the dress. 

The original neckline, before adding the cowl, is hardly seen because the scarf flap is tacked down.  On the one time the side flips away enough, it looks like it goes up about 2" before it starts to fold out and flip out.

Note how low the neck is in back.  Given how low the front is, this isn't going to stay on without tape.  She wears it with tape.  Make higher in back for a snugger fit. Blue - seam lines, Red - tack points, Yellow - slip band Approximate point of neck seam.  The crow neckline folds back over.  Pattern shape is probably a modified rectangle.  This needs to be draped to fit.

Skirt Pattern

This is preliminary.  We still need to work out the exact angles on how the skirt cut work.  It could possibility be just one piece of fabric

It is obvious that the lower of the two seams comes to a point on the side front, as the the bottom of the skirt. Both of these curve softly so are not stiff points.

 The bust seam angles down straight for the first half of the seam and then curves deeper towards the side.

The skirt fabric wraps around on the right with no seam.  That piece would be cut straight across on the grain.

What still needs to be worked out is what is the angle of the cut in front and how exactly does it wrap around from back. 

Is it really just one piece of fabric there???  Probably.  Cannot find the seam.  Probably side back or side that buttons.


Feed back and trail examples welcome.  This is just a preliminary study.

Sewing pattern recommendations eagerly sought!

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