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King Kong Links

This section contains non-costume links and information.. but there's a lot more to the big ape than just the costumes.  You can find numerous pic of the various King Kong movies among these sites.

Resource Index

bulletLinks for the 2005 Movie
bulletLinks for the 1976 Movie
bulletLinks for the 1933 Movie
bulletGeneral links for all the King Kong Movies

Links for 2005 King Kong

bulletOfficial website for Peter Jackson's King Kong:
bullet Kong Is King fan site
bulletAll the news on the making of the movie
bulletLots of pictures
bulletHistory of other Kong movies as well
bulletFull set of PR pics and production notes:

Links for 1976 King Kong

bulletIMDB Information
bulletKingdom Kong
bulletTribute fan site with pics, reviews and information.
bulletA great essay comparing the 1976 film to the original: "You Need Furs"

Links for 1933 King Kong

bulletIMDB information
bulletThe Fay Wray Pages
bulletA wonderful site devoted to Fay
bulletLots of screen caps from the movie
bulletLots of extra info on the original Ann
bulletKing Kong - Lost and found
bulletDetails and trivia about the history of Kong
bulletKing Kong 1933 Script
bullet(slow load, whole script is on one page)

General King Kong Links

bulletKing Kong's Stomping Grounds
bulletNews and discussion board for all the Kong movies
bulletKing Kong Tribute Yahoo Group
bulletKing Kong Wikipedia entries
bulletCovers the movies, reviews, the actors, the locations, the mythology
bulletMore links

If you have more Kong links, please let us know!

Thanks to Jack-o and Marie for tips here.

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