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Making 'Em - Kong

Here we are just going to post tips that are Kong Costume specific for making costumes. 

Most of our tips are over in the main Making 'Em section under LOTR.  Be sure to check out that section for dozens of articles on duct tape dummies, pattern alterations &  fittings, fabric modification techniques including distressing and dying and many other construction tips.  Be sure to check it out.

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Time Period Notes
A Few Quick Costuming Tips

The Time Period Notes

The 2005 King Kong was set in the 1930, the same time frame as the original movie.  Peter Jackson wanted to stay with the original period:

"I just wanted to be able to have the climax of the film - which is obviously the iconic sequence of the biplanes attacking Kong on the top of the Empire State Building - and I couldn't figure out a way that you could ever justify having biplanes attacking him if it was set in the modern day. Also, I think it gives the film a little kick sideways into a slightly fantastical realm as well. I think that there's no real sense of mystery or discovery in the world anymore today. Yet in the 1930s, you could believe that there was one tiny, uncharted corner that hadn't been discovered by man yet…this one tiny, little speck of an island on the ocean that could have slipped through the net."

Muted colors were chose for the opening New York scenes.  Grays, neutrals, many browns, muddy colors, true blues, navy and a bit of green.  The only red seen is very deep - maroons and dark magenta or rust.

The ship and the jungle colors are lots and lots of kaki, black, creams, mocha, some navy, some denim (color, not trousers),

New York in the finale has shaper colors - pure blacks and whites.  Lots of grey, less brown, navy, little bits of color, lavender, green.

In contrast throughout, Ann's colors are purer and un-muddied.  She stands out in whatever background she's against.

A Few Quick Costuming Tips for King Kong

The King Kong costumes are fairly easy to reproduce, even though we do not have all the info yet.  Much of the clothing and many of the accessories can be hunted down in thrift store.  Modification may be minimal. 


The men's suits need wide lapels and wide ties. Pinstripes and louder ties were popular. Many of the shits and ties can be hunted down in the thrift stores.  The shirts can be bought.   Be sure to accessorize, and where appropriate distress the costume.  

Men were more formal.  Vest were worn more as were ties.  Also look a "V" necked sweater vests and sweaters to tone down the formality. 

The Island Adventurer outfits will be the main costumes that need to be constructed vs. "found".


The women wore both dresses and separates.  Slinking and bias cut looks.  Many of the fabrics we see in the film are shears and semi shear.  Slips add a 3rd layer under the linings for the proper look and "modesty".

Besides a slip, It is very important to add a long line shaper, or even girdle, to the look.  It makes all the difference in the look.  Even the lower classes wore "proper" undergarments.  No giggle or lumps.  In reality, seamed stockings would have been worn.  However, that's a detail that seems to have been skipped here so you have your choice in hose

Hat's and the right style shoes will help the look. Hats are very important and were worn outside a lot of the time.

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