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Construction and Sewing Tips

Not everyone knows everything. So, we're compiling helpful tips and techniques you can use in construction your LOTR costume.

Contribute by either asking for a definition, writing up a definition, or providing some links... and categories.  Many of these come from our Yahoo discussion board.

Also check out our definition's page, to see if the site mascot hid your answers over there.

If you've got answers or a link or a question... please join us over in LOTR_Costume on Yahoo.

We've got whole separate articles on these... but also check below for quick bits

Pattern Modification & Tips
Fabric Techniques
Fabric Embellishment
All About Armor
Leather Working
Vambraces to Gloves
Weapon Tips
Shoe Tips
Metalwork and Crowns
Working with Clay
Casting Belt Buckle
Casting Small Props
Pipe Making Tips

On this page

Fabric Tips

Sewing Tips


Wire Jewelry and Circlet tips


Misc Tips

Don't forget to check out out definitions as well as our makeup and hair section.  Share any tips with us at

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