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General contacts

Contact da webmaster

Scrapbook submissions

We want to see your work, please read here for the submission guide lines.

Linking to us...

Feel free to link.   Because we have over 500 pages, we often have folks doing deep links instead of our Home page.   No problem.  We recognize that folks have interest in specific characters and we're setup for you to deep link in anywhere. 

Our home page for LOTR Costume is

Sorry, we only do value-added links.  We do not do reciprocal links.


You may use this banner:


Help us out!  Keep us running

    If we've helped you on costume research, please consider a donation to keep us going -- even if it is just $5 (that's less than the cost of a pattern). 

This is an all volunteer study group.  We run on donations.  We would love some help to defray the costs of maintaining this website.  Donations would help us continue to reach out... to help, to teach...and infect them with the Joy of Costuming.

Alley Cat Scratch Costume is an undesignated nonprofit organization operating under the Educational classification of the 501(c)3 code for unassociated corporations.

We focus on all aspects of costuming, teaching and encouraging how to make costumes and accessories, and providing avenues to acquire items necessary for costuming.

Staff and Crew

These are just a few of the folks that have contributed to make this site what it is.  Many thanks to all the wonderful folks at the LOTR Costume discussion group that have contributed to make this web what it is.

Moderators, er Den Moms:

Basically,  we're around the message boards just to prevent full fledge flame wars and help organize the discussions.  If you need help beyond that, feel free to contact us.


  • Emily D. / elvenfairchild  - also creator of our logo
  • Debbie / Primmy
  • Mary H
  • Liz G. / utuvien
  • Eledaia
  • Dawn / CandyJGirl
  • Ginger,
  • Sophie
  • and many more, check sections for credit  and see our main artist list

Web Work

  • Cat

Yahoo List

Here's where to post info discovered or ask questions:

Please use the search features on both this web and in yahoo before asking questions.

Web Master, er Mascot:

    • All contributions welcomed.
    • No, the web mascot cannot spell... all feedback really welcome. Content, not pretty, is the priority.
      • Anyway, we have writers from the US, Australia and every where in between.  We try to match to the author's country spelling as well as Tolkien's.
    • If you're having any trouble with the interfaces using for this web site, please drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.  This is Front Page generated site, but I've tried to be friendly to Apples and older browsers.  Some software is having problems with the long link's doing word wrap.

Volunteers Wanted

  • We're always looking for help.... and we're not highly technical.
    • Willing to help compile list information?  Links and other research.
    • Need artists that are willing to help us get the details right.  Both folks who can do technical line drawings and those who can draw more realistically.  However, we are stickers for details... so you must be willing to do redraws and make corrections.
      • Artists, you need to send samples of your artwork for consideration.
    • Do you know how to administer/use Media Wiki?  Please, volunteer.
    • Willing to help us with translations???? Almost 1/4 of our hits come from countries where English isn't the first language.
  • Please contact us as

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