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Character Breakout

Each culture has its own rich way of life, its own customs, myths, ways of dress and even style of fighting. Each is fully developed in The Fellowship of the Ring, creating the essence of a living, breathing world just beyond our own history.  ...
     - from NLC Press Release, Dec 2001

In Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings, each race of characters have their own distinctive style.  The color and decorative detail extends to the costumes.  Everything from the fabrics to  the garment shape and the finishing details reflects the care taken creating the unique cultures.

In this section the character's costume are broken out by the races, then character. If we have a detail description for a specific character's outfit, they may be broken down further.

Also, we have a "things" category here for big props or outfits that change hands and don't fit under the races.

General Character notes:

Each of the main characters costumes were made an average of 40 times.  There were 10 for each of the Fellowship characters, 10 for their scale doubles (also know as mini-me's), 10 for their double and 10 for their stunt double. 

Hero costumes are costumes that were mean to be seen up close.  These have fantastic hand details like embroidery, real chain maille, fine acid etched velvets, hand knotted wigs, etc.  

Even weapons are made realistically detailed and have their non-leather, non hero version.

Size matters:



This section is mostly links and notes.  There are some illustrations.  (We're always looking for more artists, but we do redraws until we're happy.)

We are a costume research project vs. a static page, so don't expect pretty finished pages. Info changes fairly regularity.  Please come prowl around.

We've broken down the detailed costume research by the races of Middle-earth. 

  • If you're looking for picture links and detailed research, pick a race from the menu below and click away.  
  • If you're looking for techniques on how to do something, you may find specific techniques under a "making of" for an outfit... but there are only a few pages.  Most times head on over to Making 'Em and then dig deeper into Construction Tips for real how-to meat.
  • If you're looking for just quick idea and really don't have time to spend the next 3 months researching your costume... check out Quick Tips

Oh yea... and  "Things" has cloaks, props and special accessories that we can't attach to just one.

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Discussion on the armor for the various races can be found [here].

We would love your contribution to our knowledge base.  Come talk to us over at: or just come to lurk! Don't forget to check out all our links and resources.

An ent from the London Exhibit  

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Hobbits | Elves | Dwarfs | Human | Wizards | Nasties | Things

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This page was last updated 08/09/09