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Hobbits are gentle and close to nature, an almost child-like group who live off the land. With an average height of 3'6", the furry-footed creatures dwell deep in furnished holes on the sides of hills. They love the simple things in life: smoking pipes, eating, and, of course, storytelling. They live to around 100 years old, with the age of 33 marking the start of adulthood, and the age of Frodo at the start of The Lord of the Rings journey.  ...

"When you have little fellows running around in frock coats and short trousers, you have to work hard to make that believable," notes Dickson. "But Peter was quite clear that he wanted them to look as real as possible." 

Dickson did so by highlighting their pastoral nature. She used very natural fabrics and strong weaves, influenced by ancient European cultures. They wear waistcoats in harvest colors - greens, yellows and browns -- with brass buttons. But she also reinforced the playfulness of their stature and way of life. "I added a lot of quirks, things to jar the eye," she points out. "Their trouser legs and sleeves are too short, their buttons are too big, and their collars are out of proportion. I even made their pockets higher than usual for example, so when they put their hands in their pockets it has a very distinctive, funny look to us."
     - from NLC Press Release, Dec 2001

The small sized hobbits are fun and fairly easy to make a beginners costume.  They are a cross  between "Ren faire" costumes and 18th century.  We have started a break down, but nothing is formalized yet.  (You will find the most info in Females and Fellowship.) 

Frodo | Fellowship Hobbits | Bilbo | Male Hobbits | Female Hobbits | Rosie Cotton | Hobbit Kids | Smeagol (Gollum) | Hobbit Things

Quick costume summaries:

  • Looking for starter costume shortcuts?  Check out Building 'em.
  • Check the male and female pages in this section for more precise summaries

Misc Hobbit Links

Hobbit prosthetic pointy ears Big hairy prosthetic Hobbit feet

Hobbit Feet Suggestions


Frodo | Fellowship Hobbits | Bilbo | Male Hobbits | Female Hobbits | Rosie Cotton | Hobbit Kids | Smeagol (Gollum) | Hobbit Things

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