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Fellowship Hobbits

(Right now these are not split out by separate outfits worn -- project anyone?)


Group shots of the fellowship Hobbits


The hobbit's fellowship outfits (Casa Loma) Bags for their travels

(high rez pic here)

Frodo and Sam (ROM) Merry and Pippin (ROM)

ROTK - hobbits at the coronation

ROTK - hobbits return to the shire

The hobbits are transformed by the journey


At Sam and Rosie's Wedding

ROTK - final


  • Fellowship hobbits descriptions
    • The 4 hobbits toys all have double button fly-front breaches. Basically, what you would see in the Regency era, but not nearly so tight.  Definition, in English... the front of their short trousers open with buttons on either side of the center. Each figure showed two buttons on each side.
    • Suspenders are "X" style with leather ends that button on the outside.
    • some shirts have weird 2 part cuffs, the rest are narrow or rolled up most of the time.
    • high pockets.
    • Also, on the toys all the gents were wearing coats under their cloaks. Warning, the cloaks are wrong.
    • The coats are all fitted in the back. There are buttons approximately above center hip. Some coat tails were split.
  • Comments from the movie (Judy)
    • Merry & Pippin had a different outfit on at the party when they were stealing fireworks than when they went on the trip.
      • Merry had a yellow & red striped vest (with a solid yellow back); and his normal yellow vest had the design quilted into it.
    • Minor detail: all of the shirts had a back yoke across the shoulders, but it didn't go past the top of the shoulder.
    • Sam: the collar on his shirt (at least in Rivendell) had very large dark, hand stitched top stitching. Coat was a herringbone twill. Brown thread, in wide stitches.
    • Bilbo's sea green vest in Rivendell looked like a slubby silk.

Suspenders: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LOTR_Costume/message/561

Pant pattern: Tailor's Guide: Drop-Front Beeches or Trousers, 1750-1820.  Make trousers and shorten.  Advanced remove waist band... see pictures in Hobbits males.

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