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(Find the fellowship cloaks and the one ring in the "things" section)

Frodo Index

For the visual index, scroll down the page to select which outfit to study.

Opening Outfit - Green Shirt

Party Outfit

  • Click for a page on the Party Outfit, displayed at FIDM, 2002

Fellowship Outfit

Click the pic for a whole section on Frodo's fellowship outfit.


Fellowship cloak information <here>


Rivendell pajamas

Frodo as Orc

In ROTK it becomes necessary to hide as an Orc

Fellowship Reunion Pajamas




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From The Art of ROTK, interview with Nigla Dickson

"Frodo's costume for this scene represented clothing gifted to the Hobbits from the Elves, to honor their heroism and send them home in grand manner.  Much experimentation went into these fabrics.  These pieces were filmed very early in film one, and we had been working in quite complex over dye techniques, looking for lush color with an antique quality.  We carried this idea even further by using a bleach paste to create the design in the velvet.  It is a very difficult medium, with many attempts needed to get close to an even result.  However, in this case, its very unevenness worked for us, helping to create the sense of jewel-like coloring and faded grandness.  The beautiful green and purple colors used in these costumes were perfect for Frodo, with those exceptional eyes." 

Sam and Rosie's Wedding

White long sleeve shirt with collar.  Pale blue brocade vest.  double breasted, gold/bronze buttons.


Gray Havens

Coat: Dark blue velvet.  Vest blue-silver brocade, double breasted

.The whole pack:


Click the pic for details on the magical maille shirt Mithril

Over in the Things section



Click the pic for a section on String 

(over in the Things section)

The One Ring

See separate page for the One Ring.

Over in the Things section


Miscellaneous Accessories & Kit

Frodo's backpack

Click on backpack to get more detail on a separate page.


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