Rosie Cotton

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Rosie Cotton

very rough still


Interview with Sara O'Donnell

Miriel Serinde got to meet Sarah O'Donnell at a con and got some info straight from her!

  • didn't wear a corset though the bodice was very tightly done up

  • lots of natural colours

  • described the skirts as having lots of 'bouffiness'

  • wore cotton petticoats, main skirt, bodice

  • apron went way around the back and was folded up (??)

    • possibly this means that what looks like a third shorter skirt in dark blue is really her apron that wraps quite a lot towards the back! Many women had one or both corners of their aprons tucked into the waistband although I haven't seen Rosie like that.

  • lots of flower designs on hobbit women clothes

  • In ROTK pick-up shots she -

    • filmed a wedding scene

      • wore a bodice made of silk with hand embroidered flowers (in silk)

      • a necklace featuring a rose/roses was made and hand painted

Blue Party Outfit

Full bodice, circle keyhole, pale blue

Rosie is wearing THREE skirts! The first one is a medium-ish dark blue (the trim of her bodice maybe?) and ends just below her knees it seems... although this layer may actually be an extremely wide apron. The second skirt is a lighter color, more of a medium blue than the first. This skirt ends near the bottom of her calf. The third skirt is a pale blue (the majority of her bodice maybe?) and is just barely longer than the second skirt, maybe by an inch or so. It ends just a few inches above her ankle...


Find out how to make the skirts <here>



Green Dragon Inn


Return from the Journey


Wedding Outfit

Rosie's wedding ensemble is basically the same female Hobbit layers, with a blouse, bodice, and at least one skirt.  The blouse is a white with elbow length puffed sleeves.  The fabric has an embroidery pattern of small white wreaths.   Elastic at the top of the elbow, and about a 3 inches of ruffle drips down.  (The sleeve and ruffle are all the same fabric. It is just pulled in with the elastic, edge is turned under. Neck is gathered like the other hobbit blouses.

Bodice looked like a buttercream silk dupioni with an inserted silk brocade panel in the middle. hand embroidered flowers (in silk).  It had a princess waist, with a point in the center front.  The is white piping down the center of the bodice all the way to the point.  Looks like the bottom edge is also piped.

We can see very little of the skirt.  It looks like the top layer is of dense white lace or a textured silk with lace insets.  It is open in front to reveal an underskirt of  light gold silk dupioni (just a couple of shades darker than the bodice. 

The white skirt is edged in silk flowers of white, blue/purple and more.  The gold skirt has little flowers going across the edges, white and lavender.  It may be a flowered trim.

It was impossible to tell if there were more underneath. However, if like the other hobbit outfits, there would be other layers there. 

Rosie wears a narrow flower wreath as her wedding crown. It is made of small white roses, yellow flowers (primroses?), something purply-blue that might be myrtle blossoms.  Ivy leaves. Buttercream  ribbons trailing down on the sides by her ears.

Her bouquet has the same color of flowers, only scaled up a bit.  Pippin catches the flowers.

Her necklace has a rose  that looked hand painted.  (See how to make your own clay rose here) or here's an pre-made rose: .

(thanks to all that helped on the description, especially Joy and Katianye)

Final Reunion with Sam

Rosie's outfit is  green and orange. The bodice was sage green with orange piping/trim along the two front seams.  The front panel is cream and crewel embroidery of large purple flowers.

Bodice fabric is solid color, or pretty close to it.  There is a gorgeous crewel embroidery design on the front that is in a floral bouquet motif in shades of purple, green, orange, & yellow

The skirt is rust/pumpkin shade of orange, with a woven pattern. The apron has very long ties, it is also green, but a bit paler than the bodice.

Chemise is tan and cream small gingham check.  Simple drawstring/elastic neckline.  Sleeves are gathered in and end with a ruffle just below her elbow.

Rosie wears a jewel encrusted square silver choker on a green ribbon.

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