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Elves, on the other hand, are noble, elegant, magical beings whose time is running out and who seem to possess a bittersweet sense that they are now about to pass into myth. Although they could be slain or die of grief, Elves are immortal in that they are not subject to age or disease. ...

For the Elves, Dickson went for sheer elegance, mossy greens, tree-bark browns, autumn scarlets, an androgynous quality and a touch of antiquity. "They invoke their environment," she notes, "and they're very light on the earth, so we searched for very, very fine layers of fabrics for them." Their costumes were forged from Indian silk brocade, which Dickson washed, bleached, dyed and sandpapered to give the costumes a shimmering metallic gleam that looks organic.

The Elves also wear silk-velvet acid-etched with Art Nouveau leaf designs. Even their sleeves are made in leaf shapes, coiling around the actors' arms. On their feet are knee-high leather boots that add to their willowy appearance.  ... They have a floating image to their costumes, using colors and fabric that are light and semi-shimmery."
     - from NLC Press Release, Dec 2001

We have the most links on the elven costumes so far.  Come explore in our sub sections but recognize these are all just rough drafts.

Female Elves | Arwen | Lady Galadriel | Male Elves | Legolas | Elrond | Celeborn | Gil_Galad | Haldir | Glorfindel | Elves in Armor | Elven Things

Please consider contributing anything from links, to costume summary, to sketches.



We see a lot of elves barefoot when running around at home.  When hunting they seem to wear standard length boots.  However, we've located some beautiful handmade shoes.

We have a few Casa Loma pics of the elusive shoes...  just pictures and guess so far.

or med printable shot

Elf shoes (with the hem of an extra's costume) - from Casa Loma Exhibit Elf shoes (with the hem of an extra's costume) - from Casa Loma Exhibit
  • The brocade booties for the Casa Loma exhibit were just one of many pairs, and there was a lower style as well, apparently both rather impractical to wear as they gape when you flex the foot.  The women also wore a velvet slipper, presumably a court style shoe, covered in fabric to match their dresses.
  • * according to the maker, the brocade bootees are ok to wear, if a little delicate to be street-wear, but the lower cut court style they made for them gapes when you move (same crossover fastening). Maybe just covering a pair of flat slipper-style pumps in a fabric to match your outfits would be the most practical option - you could always cut a crossover into the design, with a mock fastening, even if it isn't functional...
    • Info from Ringstyles
      • Thanks to ljosalfarau for the Ringstyle info throughout.




    Misc Elf accessories

    Elf saddle Elf candelabra Elf telescope

    A lot more accessory shots can be found at:

    Female Elves | Arwen | Lady Galadriel | Male Elves | Legolas | Elrond | Celeborn | Gil_Galad | Haldir | Glorfindel | Elves in Armor | Elven Things

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