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OK, we're not making everything from scratch.  We're not building our wigs or  weaving our own cloth (for the most part). So, we've built up a section where you can buy the extras to finish your costume off.

Since this web is about researching the costumes so you can make them for yourself (and ah, a host of copyright and trademark issues), we are going to not list any "finished" costumes unless they are from authorized and licensed merchants.

What you will find here are a number of lists and sources that will help you on your quest to by your materials. 

You will find contact information for officially licensed props and costume supplies and accessories that will complement your outfit that are "in the style of" LOTR.  We do not include unlicensed garments or reproductive merchandise.

Feel free to recommend vendors of raw materials.   Realize there are a lot more places out there... these are just what we found and put together as a skeleton.

For Lord of the rings merchandize, in general, go on over to The One Ring .net  (TORN) or other LOTR shopping sites.  Their shopping area and advertisers are a great place to start.

Contribute to watch this section grow.

And don't forget to check the official site for more information.

Authorized  Reproduction Merchants

We list just a few of the main producers here.  We do not list vendors that just carry the items since that can be googled.  Most Tolkien news site will link to a full line of items. 

Don't forgot to check out the official site or their store.


  • The Nobel Collections
    • reproductions of Sting, Evenstar, the one Ring, fellowship cloak clasp, Arwen's circlet and more.
      • Broaches: Galadriel, Theodoen, Saruman
      • Folks have noted that the rings for the extra character's are not quite exact... but they are high quality.  Do the research and determine if it's close enough for you.
  • Badali Jewelry
    • Reproductions of The One Ring from everything from platinum, to gold to Gollum gold.


  • United Cutlery
    •  So far available: Sting, Glamdring,  Sword of the Witchking and  Narsil
    • Also a good source for pictures of sharp pointy things!  They have pictures from the movie, the items themselves and making of photos.
    • Blades by Brown Cutlery keeps track of the LOTR Prop news.  They even have "breaking news" and a discussion forum!
  • The Nobel Collections
    • Sting, narsil, Gimli's ax and more
    • Gandalf's staff
  • Fully Functional Bows


The Fellowship Cloak and Cloak Fabric

Authorized Clothing

Beginning November 2003 authorized costumes started to appear.   These are more like clothing... and a far cry from the wear-once-or-twice Halloween in-the-bag costume.


Various figures have great detail... you get to see backs, which you don't necessarily in the movie.

  • Sideshow Toys
    • The ultimate LOTR pollystone figures and miniature weapons and helmets.


Buy the Halloween Costume

(OK, definition of this category, only the official New Line costumes are listed here.)  They are all Halloween quality... and as accurate as you would expect for such -- which means not very. .. but they're under $50 for the most part. 

Costumes we've seen advertised:

  • Adult:
    • Gandalf the Grey
      • It's grey, and it's a wizard
      • Not even the deluxe comes with a beard
    • Gandalf the White
      • (don't expect sword or belt)
      • Gandalf Staff
    • Ring Wraith
      • The standard looks a lot like "Scream", except in tatters
      • The deluxe comes with sword, gauntlets, shoe covers, belt
      • Sword also comes separate
    • Arwen - Angle dress
      • The deluxe version doesn't look half bad.  Comes with an Evenstar necklace
      • $5 evenstar and wig
    • Legolas
      • Be careful, you have to buy this in multiple pieces: the costume, the blister pack, the wig
      • Wig looks pretty good for it's price
      • No idea how kiddish the quiver and arrows will be
    • Aragorn
      • Be careful, you have to buy this in multiple pieces: the costume, the blister pack, the sword
    • Frodo
      • Leave the blister pack to the kids on this one, even if you're desperate
      • Buy a book mark to get the one ring.
    • Gimli
      • Again, blister pack needed too for the costume
      • Hey, the ax looks fun
    • Saruman
      • Staff
    • Gollum
      • Mask
      • (and we dare you to come in the loin cloth!)
    • Lutz
      • come in deluxe
  • Kids:
    • Gandalf the Grey
    • Ring Wraith
      • Comes with sword
    • Arwen -  Angel dress
      • Comes with evenstar
    • Frodo
    • Aragorn
    • Legolas
    • Gimli
    • Misc.  Hobbit
  • Accessories:
    • Mini version of Evenstar
    • Orc masks

We've no connection with these vendors... but are listing the first couple links we found, just so you can have at look at the pictures.  These links do no always work because they're not handling the holiday traffic... so you best best may be to go to your local party store. 

Checkout our Halloween section for  More about LOTR Halloween costumes .

Other Interesting Authorized Items


Disclaimer:  Everything here is just provided to help you out as a suggestion.  .

Note: we do not list any vendors the create "exact" replicas that are not duly licensed by New Line Cinema.  The goal of this site is to research Lord of the Rings costumes and help folks recreate them for themselves.

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