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Wig Finds

Every character in the Lord of the Rings wear wigs, except for PJ's two children.  Therefore, hair is very much a part of you costume.  They used wonderfully crafted custom human hair wigs... since that's beyond the budget of most folks...  we've compiled some lists for a variety of budgets.  These are just some guess by various folks.

Buys Wig Index

Find much more on hair over in our Tips section over in All about Wigs

We're not going to try and teach you everything about wigs, but here's the webmaster's fav place for wigs and wig supplies.  They also carry everything for taking care of your wig or shaping it.  Want to go to the extreme?  They carry hair lace and the hook needed to knot hair onto it.

For styles, we suggestion...

Hobbit Hair

 Wiltshire wigs ( http://www.wilshirewigs.com/  ) have a few possibilities and good prices:

Another site, Baron Unlimited seems to have a couple of good looking, but more expensive wigs.

"FunWigs" have a couple that look like very nice hobbit wigs: #8 (Sabrina) and #9 (Sylvia). Both cost about $50, and neither come in grey tones: http://www.funwigs.com/cgi-bin/fw/scan/MM=111681070054%3A6%3A9%3A6%3A?mK5D5LJU;;103

Rene of Paris are a little more expensive a wig, but I love their quality and their multi toned hair colors.  You pay a bit more, but these don't look or behave like wigs... and will last forever.

Elf Hair

Long, no bangs or can be brushed back



  • Enchantment

    • http://www.amphigory.com/wigs_enchantment.html

      • Very long wig (44") but would need to be curled.

      • Comes in an amazing amount of colors, natural and wild hued. 

    • Also good for CosPlay

      • Can cut in bangs, can make pony tails.

    • $40-45 depending on color


Extra research:

I've been studding Galadriel's hair. It appears that her hair falls to the bottom of her buttucks -- what wig companies call "thigh length". On my short 5'1" self, that is 40 inches, so you're looking for a very long wig!

I realize also that 40-inch wigs can be unweildy for children or even adults unused to long hair, so some 30-inchers have been included in the list. I don't recommend buying anything shorter than 30 inches.

I did post multiple sources for the same wig, in case they run out. A few wig terms/notes to keep in mind when ordering.



  • Witch Wigs ---[Prices include free shipping.]
    • Cher 951-XL $59.99 on sale. Skin top. Length = 44". Decent color selection. Straight.
    • Cher 951 $44.99 Length = 30". Straight. Skin top. Good color selection.
    • What shade of blonde? Color Ring is $14.


  • Wilshirewigs.com --- [Prices include free styling brush for orders over $20.]
    • Misty by Sepia $38.50 How long?? Standard top.
    • LA-3000, OR Showgirl (Color) by Sepia $62.50 Standard top, but already has the waves!
    • Godiva by Wig America $49 Skin top. Hip-length.
    • Mermaid 40 by Jon Renau $51.50 Skin Top. Length: Description: Back: 32", Crown: 33", Sides: 28", Nape: 27" Available in Gold Blonde or bleached blonde ONLY.
    • 951 by Giant $47.50 Skin top, good color selection, length = 30".
    • Deluxe Witch by Sepia $20 Standard top. Bleached blonde only. NOTE: The name "witch" probably indicates Costume quality.
    • Long Kinky Witch by Sepia $24 Standard top. Bleached blonde only. Has waves, but they look smaller and frizzier than the Showgirl wig's. [See note above regarding "witch".]


  • www.wigs.com --- [Don't buy "Cher" wigs here; they are way too expensive!]
    • Broadway-G $77 Straight, but can have them prestyle the wig for another $12.50. Skin top, length = 33"
    • Godiva $65 Skin-top, thigh-length. Straight, but again can prestyle for $12.50 [Same as the $49 dollar one from Wilshire Wigs, but Wilshire won't style in the waves for you.]
    • Mermaid $79. Straight, so add $12.50 for prestyling. Length approx. = 40". Skin top.

NOTE: Not alot of length/cap type info listed for "costume wigs" on this site; assume these are standard net tops. Prestyling is NOT OFFERED for costume wigs!

    • 1448 (Costume wig) $48. Straight.
    • B304A (Costume wig) $36.75 Straight.
    • Deluxe Showgirl (Costume wig) $41.50 Length= 30" Waves! But only available in Strawberry blonde right now (Aug 18th, 2002). *cry*
    • Godiva951xl (Costume Wig) $52.50 xl means Extra Long, as this wig is to mid-thigh in the photo. Colors are Light blonde or gold blonde. Straight. Should be same as "Cher 951-XL" from WitchWigs, because model photo is the same.
    • Showgirl 799 (Costume wig) $55.50 Golden Blonde ONLY. 36", wavy and thick. Streetwear quality. Looks good even in an updo, they say. Skin top.
    • Show Girl 952 (Costume wig) $49.50 wavy, looks hip-length. Light blonde or gold blonde.
    • [DO NOT get the "Naked Godiva-Rapunzel (Costume Wig)"!!!!!!! This wig's "cap" lining goes all the way down the length of the hair and is meant to be glued to the body.]
  • www.funwigs.com
    • Godiva $76.50 Length = 46" straight, skin top. Should be the same as the $65 Godiva from wigs.com, because the model photo is the same. Colors 15 (Warm Ash Blonde) and 24B (Med Warm Blonde) look good on computer anyway.
    • Stephanie $79.95 Great waves! Skin top. Can be parted in the center.  Full, slightly wavy. Good color selection. Pic shows it brushed straight back from the face.
  • www.getspfx.com
    • WG-340 "Deluxe Showgirl Wig" $42.95 36-inch long, wavy, thick and gorgeous
  • www.steppinoutcostumes.com
    • 50708 Only $22.20 for 60" Lady Godiva. Costume-quality.
  • www.halloween-wigs.com
    • Lady Godiva --godivaxl $56.25 on sale. Streetwear quality. Straight. Same as Cher 951-XL at Witchwigs, or Godiva951xl at wigs.com, because model photo is the same.   Note this is mean to be more a full costume than just wig.
    • SHOWGIRL W/O BANGS Straight. 32 inches long. Sale Price - $25.90
    • Super Showgirl-CW336 $34 Length = 48" Slight waves. 6" bangs
    • Showgirl-952 $48.75 Looks to be hip-length. Same as Show Girl 952 from wigs.com, because model photo is same.
  • Jenny's Hair Sense

Info from Judy, Christa, Cat, N'Stasha, Ginger et al

Guys wigs

Often, you can use the same long haired wigs as for the ladies, just get them in another color and don't style them so prettily.   If you've got a bit head, you may have to clip the back of the wig cap... if you do finish the edges and add some elastic.


Gandalf beards or sets


Wigmaking supplies

for Hobbit feet and adding more natural fronts to wigs

You need...

  • Hair lace
    • you'll only need a little bit, so a 1/4 yard may handle what you need.  Know how  much your pattern requires.  Check the width.
  • Ventilation tool
    • May be separate as needles and handle
    • Extra needles can be bought.

Some shop suggestions.  These items may not always be listed on the web site, so you may need to e-mail.  Check prices.  they do varry.


Other Information

Getting bangs:

(Please note, these items are just listed by our board members as assistance to you.  Prices may change. Most of these prices are as of Summer, 2002)

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